Wicker Boule / Pétanque Set

£1,525.00 GBP

A rustic approach to this classic French game.

Rustically housed in individual wicker compartments, these precious spheres, complete with stainless steel measure, leather scorer, 2 butts and a polishing duster, will arrive in their English willow and traditional Bridle hide leather trimmed carrying basket safely to challenge anyone to a duel in the Provençal square of your choice!

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Estimated Delivery Week 18th May 2023 - 22nd May 2023

Woven in English Willow, this beautiful basket holds our wonderful, traditional Wicker Boule set.

The History Of Boule

Our Wicker Boulé Set is named after 'Boule' which is a  collective name for a wide range of games; these include bowls and bocce. All the games feature heavy balls (Boulé in France and bocce in Italy) is thrown as close as possible to a smaller target ball.

Boulés was found to date back as far back as the 6th century. It was played by the Greeks; the difference was, they used coins which later progressed to stones. The original aim was to throw the coin or stone ball (Boulé) as far as possible. The Romans then changed the game by forcing the player to get the ball as close as possible to a small round marker.

The game which is known and loved in France was taken to Provence by the Roman soldiers.
In 1910 an adaptation of Boulé was called Pentânque by the town of La Ciotat in Provençe. This has now become the dominant version of Boulé played today.


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