Why Geoffrey Parker Make the best backgammon in the world

Geoffrey Parker are synonymous for our backgammon; we’re world famous for our luxurious boards with hand inlaid fields and luxury stones.

What makes ours the best backgammon Board?

We’ve been making backgammon boards for as long as we can remember; our luxury design has been crafted to ensure the stones are weighted perfectly in your hand. We’ve worked with famous backgammon players including Paul Magriel on our full leather stones to ensure whether you choose our leather and metal stones or our full leather ones they feel like a Geoffrey Parker stone.

Backgammon Dice Cups

We also designed dice cups like no other; we included a trip inside the lip of the cup to ensure when the dice are rolled, there’s no way to cheat. Each dice is flicked out causing them to roll fairly onto the board. Each dice cup is uncrushable, this is to ensure no matter how heated the game becomes your dice cups won’t take the beating.

While we know many players have dice they love, trust and use for almost every game we always include precision dice, drilled and filled to ensure a perfectly even roll each time.

Backgammon Playing Field

A backgammon playing field is personal; from those who love a noisy game to those who love a soft leather playing surface. Every player’s preference is different which is why we have such an extensive range of options at Geoffrey Parker.
Our leather is specially chosen, tanned and treated with your game in mind; it’s tanned and treated in a way that ensures you get the most out of your board while also being tobacco and wine resistant.

Attache Case Handles

Our attaché cases feature full leather handles; handmade with a bridal hide leather before being covered and sticthed together

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