We’re being featured on Billionaire Babies!

If appearing on TV last Christmas wasn’t enough for the team at our workshops we’re appearing on TV again this year in a program called Billionaire Babies! If you missed the re-run of The World’s Most Expensive Presents last year it’s on catch up as it aired again last week.

This year Christmas came early to the workshops and as ever the team have worked their socks off during the lead up to the big day. With lots of unique custom orders this year we’ve been working hard since August to ensure all of our Christmas orders are out the door on time.

This episode of Billionaire babies features our luxury custom monopoly set, a Santa arriving by helicopter, a £23,000 colouring book and a very expensive Christmas tree star!

Our luxury monopoly set features our hand embossed and inlaid streets, custom playing cards and bespoke playing pieces. Each designed and created especially for the client to create a truly unique monopoly game for them and their family to enjoy.

With so many colour options our luxury board games can become a prized possession, often being handed down from generation to generation with each board telling its own story. From the colours you choose to the way it’s looked after.

Watch the episode here:

For more information on our games please visit each game individually, below the images you will also find an in-depth description.

The Monopoly set featured on Billionaire Babies was licenced by Winning Moves in association with Hasbro Monopoly ®

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