UKBGF Board Designer of the Year

Backgammon Strategy, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games

This month we were delighted to hear that we’ve won the UKBGF backgammon ‘board designer of the year’ award! Although this isn’t the first time we’ve won we’re always over the moon; winning an award for our designs ensures we keep doing what we do best.Our boards are designed with professional players in mind, to help them win games and focus on their backgammon strategy over worring if their componant can cheat.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who voted for us; without your support and dedication to both the game and our brand, we’d be lost.

Every single one of our backgammon boards are handmade with care; our craftsmen and women not only ensure that each board is as perfect as it can be, they take pride in ensuring that it is. Every board is checked over by our dedicated QC; quite often our director also casts an eye over a product to ensure that nothing ever leaves our workshop without being perfect.

UKBGF Backgammon Board Designer of the Year

The award is voted for by the UKBGF community; the players and the passionate backgammon champions. We’ve always taken pride in designing boards suitable for both players and fans; our focous has been on taking out areas for cheating and adding in elements like speed to help with your backgammon strategy. We believe our products can be both functional and luxurious.

Although our boards all feature our core design; the colours and personal features of each board are designed by our customers. In celebration, we’d like to share images of our customers enjoying their products; please feel free to send us photos of you with your board, enjoying a game or it taking pride of place in your home.

Backgammon Strategy, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games
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