Traditional Chessmen

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Our collection of beautiful hand carved chess sets in the traditional Staunton style, Intricately carved in Rosewood & Boxwood these familiar wooden chessmen are the perfect accompaniment to any collection or board. From our club style Boxwood Staunton sets to our championship Rosewood pieces, browse our collection to find the perfect set for you.

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Probably the best hand-carved wooden Staunton chessmen available. When Howard Staunton first developed this famous set with the help of Nathaniel Cooke of the Morning Herald newspaper; but also taking into account the numerous developments since that time and in particular the requirements of today’s great Champions.

Chessmen With Two Queens

As with all our chess sets, we provide extra Queens. This is so you always have a proper Queen to join the board if you are able to reach the opposite side with a Pawn. The triple weighted flared bases of the pieces can be trimmed in traditional green baize, black felt, but also in natural suede or leather.

Different Sets:

Championship: Ornately carved & offered in three King sizes, these chess sets take their design from the original drawings back in 1849.

Club Chessmen: Probably the best hand-carved wooden Staunton chess set available for those on a budget.


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