The Right Way To Do Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting can be difficult, it starts with choosing the right gift to ensure its something the receiver will want. The search for the right gift can be a big responsibility; it can often be left for a Personal Assistant, a marketing department or even the new intern to find. Unfortunately, for those who don’t personally know the recipient, it can be challenging to find something unique and truly personal.

The Art of Gifting At Geoffrey Parker

At Geoffrey Parker we believe a corporate gift should be unique; something that no other company or person has gifted the recipient before. It also has to be faultless, its a continual reminder of you and your brand, so a lot hangs on this one gift. Corporate gifts can be pretty hit or miss, but for those gifts that miss they leave a negative impression, but if the gift offers the “WOW factor” it can lead to a life long relationship and positive brand association.

The UK chartered institute of marketing stated that it can cost between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one; and while a corporate gift won’t guarantee your customers stick with you, it can help build loyalty with your company.

Something we’ve noticed about corporate gifting is the personal aspect, Geoffrey Parker can add to the gift; from adding initials to mapping out a company history on a monopoly set. We like to believe almost anything is possible…

BP | Luxury Commission

It’s Not Just Gifting

While our games and gifts are always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to relationships and corporate gifts; at Geoffrey Parker, we can BP | Luxury Commissionhelp you take things one step further. Previously we’ve worked with companies including BP to create corporate commissions including the stationery used during the signing of its oil deal with the British prime minister at the time Tony Blair. We’ve also created games for those who purchased limited edition cars and luxury menu holders for some of the worlds finest restaurants.

Since then we’ve worked with a number of brands; from re-branding to company anniversaries and CEO to CEO gifting. 

If you’re hosting an event and would like the perfect gift for your CEO get in touch; while we can’t always squeeze in a last-minute gift due to the handmade nature, we can do our best to meet your deadline. 

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