History And Craftsmanship

The Game Of A Lifetime

HarrodsRalph LaurenDunhillAspinalsLalique. These are just a handful of customers of Geoffrey Parker, not to mention a host of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and celebrities. All, are customers of the number one board game designer and producer in the world. From backgammon to Monopoly, ultimate game tables to bespoke accessories. Geoffrey Parker is the go-to brand for bespoke gaming at the highest achievable quality.

Located in the sleepy village of Wimbish Essex, Geoffrey Parker offers an experience on a parallel to that of purchasing a new car. This is no transaction it is an event. Personal guided workshop tours are available, take as much time browsing the stock room with over 50 years’ worth of leather, exotics and components. Customers immerse themselves in the selection process, and when entering the store room suffer a sensory overload, choosing the right colour combination from Geoffrey Parker’s finest Dauphin Calf leather will be the hardest decision of the day. With 13 colours to choose from, there are over 28,500 possible colour combinations. Make no mistake this is no simple task!

Each component and material used in every item is of the finest quality; from uncrushable dice cups, hand stitched bridle hide handles to precision dice, each aspect of Geoffrey Parker’s products are made to be professional quality board games. It just so happens that when using the finest materials and craftsmen to build a backgammon, for example, it tends to look absolutely stunning. If you don’t believe me take a look at our images.

You never quite know what you’re going to find tucked away in the English countryside do you?

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