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The Future Of Board Games

, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games

, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games

When people ask our directors what they do, many are surprised by the answer; they repeat “board games” as if they are speaking an archaic language. This surprise is often swiftly followed by interest, while the look of shock is replaced by excitement.

Board games have been played for hundreds of years; some have even been discovered in the tombs of Egyptian Feros. While many only find time for a game at Christmas with family; others enjoy a frequent game as a form of mental exercise & pass time.

We are often delighted to be sent images from clients who are enjoying our games on a Sunday afternoon, on a yacht in the south of France or on a jet somewhere over the Atlantic. While many grow tired of feeling a need to check social media and spend down time watching TV, others use the time to interact with the traditional pass time of gaming.

Learning & Development

For those who teach their children to play board games from a young age, there are a plethora of skills which can be taught. The traditional board game teaches tactics, social skills and sportsmanship. For those who have learnt in later life, it can help with relaxation, mental agility and friendships (depending on your level of sportsmanship).

So, Are Board Games Still Alive?

Very much so, in 2017 it was reported that in the USA the board game market grew by 28%, it’s thought the statistics could be even higher here in the UK.

Whether you’re a player who loves a fast-paced game like Backgammon or the long game like Monopoly here at Geoffrey Parker no two games or players are ever the same. For this reason, we’ve always prided ourselves on designing games which can be truly customised.

So, while many are reading this through a social network of some description and will probably be reading the next article in seconds, others may be inspired to learn the art of backgammon, checkers or chess…

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