Customise All Of Our Products

Choose from a wide range of colours, and white label with your company logo, yacht name or initials. Embellish your game with precious gems and metals; almost anything is possible with our custom board games at Geoffrey Parker.

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  • Alligator Poker Sets

    £18,550.00£5,000,000.00 GBP
  • Luxury Monopoly | Custom Monopoly | Bespoke Monopoly | Personalised Present | Luxury Wedding Gift

    Alligator Monopoly ® Set

    £700,000.00 GBP
  • Water Snake Backgammon Sets

    £4,350.00£6,875.00 GBP
  • Luxury Backgammon | Custom backgammon | Backgammon Board | Backgammon Set | Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games

    Super-Enriched Backgammon

    £300,000.00 GBP

Super Luxury Games

Our Super Luxury Games collection is a small example of the embellishment we’re able to add to our existing games.

At Geoffrey Parker, we like to think that almost anything is possible. Although we have a selection of monopoly, backgammon and poker sets which have been designed for customers in the past; our collection isn’t limited to these games.

Whatever your taste or style; our designers can work with you to create something truly magnificent. Change your playing pieces to gold, or add Diamonds or Swarovski Crystals to any of our products.

We’ll work with you to add that special touch and make something truly beautiful and functional.