This eclectic portfolio of hand-crafted pieces, includes unique one-off creations for private clients, to themed ranges for luxury brands and special designs for well-known corporations – all unique in their own way. Our design team can either work directly with a client or liaise with their designer. We have gained a wealth of expertise and skill over the past 55 years from the many challenges and unusual requests the workshop has undertaken.

We have been known to search the globe for the right materials for a job. The items you can browse through here are of course unique to our customers but we hope this will inspire you to request your own special commission.

Due to NDA’s not all of our special commissions can be published so please feel free to contact us if you have an unusual project you’d like help with.

Please note that once a design has been requested to be undertaken; there will be a cost incurred if not proceeded with as obviously our time is precious. We hope you will enjoy this cornucopia of special commissions.

  • Bespoke Furniture

    Assisting Interior Designers and their suppliers is a regular occurrence…

    So we find ourselves making all sorts of items away from our core game production.

    As we cross such a skill base in our mainstream production, we can often employ these in other areas, like this pink mock-crock sofa for Fendi of all things, or for specialist leather inlay work on desks and the like.

    Lining drawers for cutlery and other items, can all be undertaken by our master craftsmen.

    Please contact our Special Commissions department with your project; we’d be pleased to investigate your requirements, they can be reached at

  • Corporate Presentation

    A corporate presentation is important, ensuring important documents are both protected and look the part can make all the difference.

    We can design presentation boxes for any occasion – here’s one the one we created for 10 Downing Street with a very young Tony Blair.

  • Distillers & Vintners

    For that extra special tipple that needs showcasing – we’re just the folk for the job!

    From single bottle presentation – see the work we made for Glenfiddich® or the special art-deco presentation for the pink martini for Stolichnaya®.

    Larger affairs include a traditional English Bridle hide suitcase and a locking leather drum presentation for Queen Victoria’s favourite whisky; Buchanan’s® twinned with a mahogany bottle coaster with inlays of Sterling silver to a collection of tasting glasses.

    Very precious collections such as The Balvenie® whiskies of William Grant look splendid in their Tantalus encased in a Geoffrey Parker made and designed presentation suitcase.

    There are many ways we can “skin a cat” for you – if super luxe is what is required, we can match the quality of your precious cargo and help showcase it to its best.

    Please contact our Special Commissions department at

  • Alligator Monopoly ® Set

    £700,000.00 GBP

    Who better to make the worlds most luxurious monopoly set than Geoffrey Parker. Utilising the beautiful skins of Alligators from the US, these Monopoly sets can be supplied in either standard UK streets or customised to showcase your life, achievements or favourite places.

    Our Monopoly® Custom Guide

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    Our own custom Monopoly®

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