Super Enriched Croquet Set

For those looking for truly the ultimate in one-up-manship on the hallowed greens of Croquet lawns around the World; this super-enriched casket, has it all.

Originally designed and made back in the early eighties for the opening of a famous British store in New York City. Housed in inch and a quarter kiln dried Burma teak, this magnificent piece echoes’ bygone times of the British Raj; with military corners and straps being hand cut into this beautiful hardwood casket.

To transport this to one’s lawn for play, two scalloped carrying handles, complete with goldplated solid brass back-flap hinges enable this very heavy pieces to be carried by two. Inside the casket, there is first a hidden false floor which hinges open to reveal six cast iron and hand-painted World Championship Croquet wickets, each held in place with clips to prevent movement and soiling the rest of the casket with earth. Once closed, this flap, trimmed with the finest quality English wool Billiard cloth, there lies a specially designed and hand-painted “Deadness Board” – the essential scoring tool which indicates by a series of hinged and different coloured flaps, each player’.

Super Enriched Croquet Set

Ensure your croquet set gets heads turning; our super enriched croquet set was designed in the 80’s for the opening of a world famous British store in New York City.

As with all Geoffrey Parker products we use the finest materials; this includes Burma teak, gold plated pack-flap hinges and English wool billiard cloth. This is just to name a few; in the ultimate garden croquet set, you’ll find everything you need to play a truly luxurious game of croquet.

Impress your friends, family and guests with this super luxury Geoffrey Parker Croquet set.


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