Super-Enriched Backgammon


Showcased here is a super-enriched personal commission for a private jet. An Alligator and Gold tournament size Backgammon set, what more could one desire?

All hardware (locks, handle plates, and rings) are 18ct solid hallmarked White Gold. The case and field are in the finest Alligator (we use the same tanners as Hermès) in a gloss finish. The points have been inlaid in Shagreen (Stingray) which we source in from the Far East. The stones/checkers are Gold, in white, and yellow finish. Then set with a one carat Diamond in each. To the edge, we have inlaid Shagreen and to the underside Alligator.

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Super-Enriched Backgammon


Backgammon Details

With precious stones/checkers like these, they need to be protected, not just from the normal rigours of play but also from each other – so we designed a specially padded suede stowage area at the front of the case to cocoon each in its own individual compartment sitting either side of the 18ct white Gold Doubling cube which has both initials and numbers set in Diamonds.

The Alligator cups which are suede lined are stowed within a separate Alligator cabinet are joined by four 18ct white Gold spot dice with Diamonds as the “spots”! Also placed here are 4 ball-cornered precision dice, all lined and padded in suede. To the outside of the case set into the centre of the lid is an 18ct white Gold plaque where initials are set again in Diamonds.

To get the dice rolling, please email our Special Commission team to discuss your requirements – basically, anything can be done, so do not hold back!

Our Super-Enriched Collection

Pieces like these are built for our customers to their exacting requirements and the sky is the limit depending on how much embellishment one requires and what precious materials one wants to include?

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