Silver Jubilee Chess Cabinet


Those pieces, of course, had a significant price tag especially as the pieces had to be balanced and meet the approval of the venerable United States Chess Federation as to an ideal playing weight. Therefore with the cost of silver and gold, although this was admired by many; few could afford it in its opulent original presentation. So in the mid-eighties, Max experimented like his father with all manner of materials, from a graphite coated aluminium with extra weights but finally finishing in a solid brass with chrome plating, which looks stunning and allowed folk to own this magnificent design themselves without having to break the bank.

The King’s playing pieces; the Rook and Knight are embossed with his crown (the Bishops being divine without allegiance to Crown only to God) and of course, there is a pair of extra Queens as well. The set is hand inlaid throughout in our Dauphin calf leather (see below colour swatch). A slim leather-bound cabinet presents and protects these beautiful pieces set into black felt – a matching inlaid leather chessboard can be ordered separately.

Estimated Delivery Date 29th November 2021 - 8th December 2021

Our beautifully slim, modern Silver Jubilee chess cabinet; designed for HM The Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. These stunning chess pieces were originally designed by Geoffrey Parker himself in the 1960’s.

Since then they have evolved to become slightly more affordable. They have always featured leather inlays but there were editions were tried in brass, aluminium and eventually, London hallmarked Sterling silver.

Silver Jubilee Chess Cabinet

The beautiful cabinet holds these luxury chess pieces in place while travelling or stores them perfectly while not in play. The case will keep the playing pieces together, and dust free ready for play at the drop of a hat.

Famous for our luxury chess set’s these are no exception, choose from our wide range of colours in both our Dauphin calf leather or our exotic skins.


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Aubergine, Bordeaux, Bubblegum, Cherry, Conifer, Ebony, Espresso, Magnolia, Marine, Mustard, Sky, Slate, Tangerine


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