Protective Quilted Backgammon Bag


For extra protection when carrying your precious Geoffrey Parker backgammon board! It goes without saying that once you receive your Geoffrey Parker Backgammon you will want to try and maintain the condition of your board. When travelling or taking your set to The World Championships, we would advise the additional purchase of one of our quilted protective bags.

Custom Backgammon Bag

In addition to the felt drawstring dust bag, we provide with our boards free of charge. Our team can custom make, to order, a special double quilted carrying bag for our boards; which gives protection from scuffing etc. when travelling with your backgammon. It is not suitable though for putting in an aircraft hold or similar without outer boxing and further protection.

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Protective Quilted Backgammon Bag

Protect Your Board with A Backgammon Bag

Our Quilted Backgammon Bag has Velcro® fastening and a space for the luxury leather carrying handle to come through. Both variations of our protective bags have a handle hole where you can hold your backgammon. For extra ease in carrying your set we can make these bags with a leather strap to take the weight off your arm. These straps are padded and threaded through the entire bag to ensure strength and stability.

Our bags are designed for those who love to take a backgammon set travelling. They add an extra layer of protection for when it’s in the boot of a car, in a jet cupboard or on a yacht.

As with every product at Geoffrey Parker, our bags are handmade to order. Although the bags can’t guarantee protection, as that’s largely down to customer use; they do add protection from minor bumps and scrapes on the exterior of your board.

Board Variations

Versions to accommodate Table-Top backgammon sets can, of course, be custom made for you, in this case, please enquire for details. Please, specify the size of bag required upon enquiry. Our team are also happy to make custom bags for sets that have not been made by Geoffrey Parker, for these, we would ask for the board to use as a template to ensure a “snug” fit. Our team will also be happy to look into using your own materials. however, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these materials for protection. As always, if you are unsure, it is best to contact our team.

Order Online or Via Phone

Please feel free to order online, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible; once an order is placed we’ll email to confirm the details and if needed request further information.


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