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Printed Custom Monopoly ® Sets


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Monopoly® is one of our most customisable games, as with all of our products they are handmade to order. Traditionalists will enjoy the classic luxury London edition, but those wanting to showcase a particular pastime or hobby will enjoy creating a custom themed edition.

Many of our customers enjoy helping in the personalisation process, become fully involved with our design team in creating their own unique custom piece. If you have any requests or designs, please, do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen.

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Estimated Delivery Date 10th February 2022 - 14th February 2022
Imagine your very own, custom monopoly to play with family and friends after Christmas dinner, or afternoon tea in the garden.
Our custom Monopoly ® is printed on leather; they are one of our lower cost approaches to personalising Monopoly.

The classic custom printed Monopoly set reinvented with the use of Technology. Printing directly on to the leather; this style of Monopoly gives a truly luxury feel to this traditional board game, at an affordable price.

Custom Monopoly ® Set Colour Options

Our custom printed monopoly ® in London edition enables you to customise some of your favourite elements of monopoly®.

Printed onto our beautiful cowhide; we can make the playing board in any colour way you like but one should note that it is best to have a contrast colour for the leather tray as printed leather will never 100% match tanned leather. The tray is available in black, red, midnight navy blue or chocolate brown cowhide.

In the base of the tray, lined in padded felt, are the cards; “money” and rules, together with a set of traditional pewter “houses”, “hotels” and playing tokens.

All of the streets, the utilities, stations, taxes & chance/community chest streets/cards can all be customised. The only rules are to not affect the flow of the game. for example; rewards or punishments from the community chest must remain positive or negative. Bespoke playing tokens can be added to your order, these can be quoted at the time of your order. Our design team can help you decide on which additional tokens you’d like; you can choose almost anything; for example, cars, yachts, golf clubs, pets, house style, shoes and jets.

Hand Embossed Vs Printed Leather

These luxury boards, unlike our hand embossed leathers, can include family photos and logos in full colour. If you’d like help with the design process please let our team know; we can always give you ideas and inspiration as we’ve seen all styles of boards designed.

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Dimensions 52.5 × 52.5 × 9.8 cm

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  1. B.F., USA

    Hi guys, we received the board yesterday and opened it this morning. It looks amazing and everything is perfect! Thanks so much. Now we just have to keep it hidden until Xmas!

  2. geoffreypaker

    B.F., USA

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