Mah Jong (麻將牌 )


Our design team searched for the best carver of traditional Mahjong tiles in the World and are pleased to combine with China’s foremost Mahjong artist Mr. Liu Jun who has carved the tiles we offer in this magnificent collection, in beautiful Ox bone & bamboo. Originally a card game Mahjong has since transformed into a tile-based game, many believe this transition happened in the mid-19th century.

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Custom Mahjong Set

Alike all other Geoffrey Parker games, our team of master-craftsmen takes the beauty of these Mahjong tiles and encases them in a leather-bound attaché case. The main tiles sit in four leather-bound, suede-lined, lift-out trays. At the back of the case, neatly stowed are four wooden tile racks. A full leather, hand-stitched handle, chrome or gilt combination locks, and matching base stud complete this beautiful set.

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Mah Jong (麻將牌 )
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Game Origin

Mahjong started in China during the Qing dynasty; the name of this game is 麻將牌 or 麻雀牌 in Chinese, while in Japan they are 麻雀牌 there are aslo other variants from other countries, for example, Hong Kong, South Korea & Southeast Asia. 114 tiles contain Chinese symbols and characters these are used much like western games Conquian or Rummy. There are many different variants on the rules however the general premises of the game remains the same.

A Mahjong (麻將牌 or 麻雀牌) Set like no other; bound in our finest gaming leather. Other hides are available at request, contact our team to design your set today. Pair our beautiful Mahjong set with our luxury poker set for an ideal night in. Much like poker, Mahjong comes with an abundance of superstitions; from Feng Shui & where each player sits to the rubbing of the tiles prior to a move. For this exact reason, we only use the best Ox Bone & Bamboo tiles for that authentic gaming experience.

Our Mahjong Set Specifications

At Geoffrey Parker only the finest will do; which is why our China’s foremost Mahjong artist Mr. Liu Jun carved the tiles for this collection in beautiful Ox bone & bamboo. Below is a summary of the details which make our luxury Mahjong set.

  • Ox Bone & Bamboo Tiles
  • Handpainted to order
  • Leather-bound attaché case
  • Four leather-bound lift-out trays, suede-lined to hold the Mahjong tiles
  • Four wooden tile racks
  • Pair of combination locks
  • Locks available in either Chrome or Gilt
  • Full leather hand-stitched handle
  • Chrome or Gilt base studs
  • Specially tanned gaming leather
  • Handmade in England
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40.1 × 39.3 × 8.8 cm


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