Luxury WizzRz


Geoffrey Parker’s luxury take in the Frisbee®

Hand-bound in fine leather in our English country workshops with a printed design of your choice, or one of ours – our WizzRz™ fly like the wind and make anyone stand out from the crowd whether it be in a park or on the beach!

Estimated Delivery Date 1st December 2021 - 10th December 2021

This amazing game has had a little Geoffrey Parker TLC; introducing the Geoffrey Parker WizzRz™ game.

Hand-bound in fine leather, these incredible disks still fly like the wind while standing out from the crowd amongst other players. Enjoy the game in a park, on a beach or with the family in the garden.


Despite what you may think the leather doesn’t make the disk too heavy to fly; when you see a football, cricket ball or rugby ball flying through the air, it’s not the leather you consider.

These stunning disks can be created in a range of colours to suit your style. Bright colours are often advised for those who are practising the game. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose your Geoffrey Parker WizzRz.


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