Limited Edition Mother Of Pearl Backgammon Set

£6,450.00 GBP

Elevated Aesthetics: The richness of the soft, tactile leather complements the striking hues of the Mother of Pearl Blue and Mother of Pearl White Backgammon Stones, creating a mesmerizing contrast that is as visually captivating as it is gratifying to touch. The luminous lustre of the mother-of-pearl stones adds a touch of ethereal beauty, elevating your gaming experience to new heights – design your mother-of-pearl custom backgammon today.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Our artisans’ dedication to their craft shines through every aspect of this backgammon board. From the carefully inlaid mother-of-pearl stones to the precision-cut playing surface, each element is a testament to the unwavering commitment to perfection that Geoffrey Parker is renowned for.

Limited Edition Exclusivity: This particular backgammon board is a masterpiece of rarity, as it belongs to a strictly limited edition series. Owning this piece means becoming part of an exclusive club of discerning connoisseurs who truly understand and appreciate the true essence of luxury gaming.

Designed not just for gaming but as a remarkable work of art, this backgammon board serves as a captivating statement piece in any space. Whether displayed in your living room or gracing the executive office, its presence commands attention and admiration.

Geoffrey Parker’s commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship ensures that this backgammon board will be cherished by generations to come. It represents the perfect amalgamation of timeless design and contemporary sensibilities, a true legacy piece to pass on as an heirloom.

Experience Luxury Gaming Like Never Before: Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury gaming experience with the Limited Edition Geoffrey Parker Luxury Backgammon Board. Whether indulging in a friendly match with friends or seeking a moment of tranquillity, this board promises to elevate every moment.

With limited quantities available, this exclusive backgammon board is a rare gem waiting to be cherished by a fortunate few. Don’t miss the chance to secure this treasure and add a touch of brilliance to your collection.

Experience the allure of bespoke luxury – order your Limited Edition Geoffrey Parker Luxury Backgammon Board with Mother of Pearl Blue and Mother of Pearl White Backgammon Stones today and embrace the epitome of elegance.

Bespoke Service

Our full range of products are all available in a wide range of colours with our customisation service. Our complimentary service of designing your board in a wide range of gaming leathers is offered at no extra cost. We can also offer additional design services including exotic, and custom leather choices, however, this will be on a quote basis.


Luxury Mother of Pearl Backgammon set – Tournament Size

Introducing the Epitome of Elegance: The Limited Edition Geoffrey Parker Pearl Backgammon set with Mother of Pearl Blue and Mother of Pearl White Backgammon Stones. Indulge in the pinnacle of opulence with our exclusive limited edition Geoffrey Parker Luxury Backgammon Board, meticulously handcrafted to perfection and adorned with captivating Mother of Pearl Blue and Mother of Pearl White Backgammon Stones. Luxury Redefined: Assembled by the masterful artisans at Geoffrey Parker, this exquisite backgammon board embodies the essence of refined luxury. Crafted with precision and unwavering attention to detail, every element of this limited-edition masterpiece exudes sophistication and elegance.
All of our mother-of-pearl backgammon boards are in our custom backgammon board collection enabling you to choose what colour board and mother-of-pearl you would like. For more details please contact us.
Luxury Mother Of Pearl Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon | Custom Backgammon board
Luxury Mother Of Pearl Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon set | Custom Backgammon board

I have to say this is one of the most beautiful boards I’ve ever purchased. The customer service was amazing and the board itself is even better than I could have ever imagined.

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Customise your board with our stunning range of colours. If there’s one that doesn’t quite take your fancy please get in touch, we have wide range of alternative leathers!

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Handmade in England Since 1958; our luxury board games are made in our English workshops in Essex. Over our 65 year history handmaking luxury board games we have produced for some of the finest brands in the world. We are proud to produce all of our board games in house to ensure we provide only the highest quality goods.

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We offer complimentary delivery on all of our board games over £200. We usually despatch items in stock within 24 hours on working days and your product will be with you between 3-7 days worldwide depending on import & customs running times.

Our games table shipment cost will be quoted and calculated during the design process.

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All of our products can include complimentary embossing using times new roman font. For those looking for something more unique like a handwritten note, font, or logo this will come with an additional charge due to the embossing die and artwork requirements.

All our items are gift wrapped in our luxury boxes.