Acrylic Luxury Backgammon Set


Our Leather and Acrylic backgammon set is just as luxurious as our other Geoffrey Parker full leather & leather and metal boards; the only difference is the acrylic stones and the doubling cube.

This set uses the classic acrylic checker which many backgammon players still love to use; our sets also feature the traditional acrylic doubling cube all set within our luxurious leather backgammon set.

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Why Choose an Acrylic Checker?

The acrylic checkers offer a more cost-effective option to our luxury games without losing the beauty of a Geoffrey Parker board. It also depends on your personal preference as a player; many love to stick to the checkers they first learned with, while others love the feel of the addition of leather and weight. The choice is yours.

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Estimated Delivery Date 6th December 2021 - 15th December 2021

Geoffrey Parker Luxury Backgammon Set; Attaché or Table Top?

For those looking to buy one of the worlds best backgammon sets, we’d like to introduce this beautiful luxury leather backgammon set featuring our acrylic checkers with a beautiful deep Pearlescent effect. They are available as standard in red, black and white. If you’re looking to pair your board with a specific stone colour please let us know; our image archives show some of the colours customers have chosen in the past. Our Attaché case is our traditional folding all-leather board whereas the table-top version loses the leather lids, locks and handle. This is the only difference between the two.

Backgammon Sizes in Inches   Backgammon Sizes in MM

The classic Geoffrey Parker leather backgammon with Acrylic Backgammon checkers and doubling cube combine in our luxury backgammon to create a perfect gaming item. Whether you’re a player who loves to play with acrylic checkers or looking for a lighter weight stone, our checkers are made to the highest quality. This leather backgammon board also features an acrylic doubling cube to accompany the stones. Larger boards are supplied with a chrome or gilt doubling cube.
  • Acrylic backgammon checkers, available in Red, White or Black
  • Ivory style acrylic doubling cube
  • 16mm ball cornered dice
  • Uncrushable dice cups, suede-lined with trips
  • Full leather hand-stitched handle
  • Pair of combination locks, in either Gilt or Chrome
  • Full leather board
  • Leather case & playing field
  • Super-fast calf leather
  • Available in five sizes
  • 13 colours to choose from
  • Handmade to order in England

Precision ball cornered 16mm dice are provided in Competition & Tournament sized boards, standard drilled spot dice in the smaller sets.

Customisation Of Your Leather Backgammon With Acrylic Stones

Make your luxury backgammon board special by adding your initials or even a handwritten message embossed inside the case. Our master craftsmen are able to ensure your case is like no other by adding these small personal touches.

With over 28,500 possible colour combinations and the addition of your initials, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a case the same.

Order Online or In Person

Ready to buy luxury backgammon sets from the worlds best backgammon board maker? Please feel free to order online, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible; once an order is placed we’ll email to confirm and request the colour choices you have.

When you’ve placed your order we’ll also confirm your estimated delivery date; please note we’re currently working to an estimated 4 month lead time. Please feel free to use our backgammon configurator to design your board and send us a screengrab. If you prefer please submit an enquiry and we’ll also get back to you as soon as possible.

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