Garden Games Hamper


So for the traditionalist’s; we have a selection of old English classic garden games – a four-player Croquet set complete with all accessories as in our stand-alone Croquet basket; children’s fun hand painted wooden Skittles, a junior Cricket set complete with bat, leather ball, and stumps;  a tournament Rugby ball and of course; a football!

For our friends across The Channel; a competition Boulé/Pétanque set with accessories is provided and for family fun; a wooden Rounder’s bat and a Volleyball set offers hours of enjoyment as do the Badminton rackets complete with net and shuttlecocks. Quoits, Lawn darts, Tic Tac Toe and Pick-up-Sticks add to the many hours of pleasure one can achieve from this fabulous garden time.

Estimated Delivery Date 29th November 2021 - 8th December 2021

It’s the Luxury Garden Games Hamper every family should own. With so many games packed inside, it’s perfect for large families who love to spend time outdoors. Boutique hotels, B&B’s and country manners could all enjoy this beautiful, handwoven basket of games on a summer’s day.

Whether you’re after Boule, or badminton and croquet, there’s nothing quite like a hamper to cover all bases. Our team of master-craftsmen has sourced the finest in garden games to complement our exquisite English wicker basket & croquet set. From cricket, rugby, football, to badminton, quoits, and more, there is an assortment to please all members of one’s family. If you would like to look into substitutions, please contact our team.

Luxury Garden Games Hamper

As with our other games, Geoffrey Parker loves putting together compendia; on this occasion, we’ve gathered 15 garden essentials in one hand-woven traditional English willow giant picnic basket! Nothing is more quintessentially English than a game hamper. Our team of designers are also more than happy to look into custom edits to our hampers; from adding in smaller croquet mallets to custom skittles, simply enquire to begin the design process.

Order Online or In Person

Please feel free to order online or contact our team to place an order. Once your order is placed our expert weavers will begin making your croquet basket. At this time we will also confirm your estimated delivery date; please note we’re currently working to an estimated 4 month lead time. If you prefer please submit an enquiry and we’ll also get back to you as soon as possible.


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