Custom Backgammon Stones


Our mastercraftsmen are more than happy to create custom backgammon checkers for your existing boards, tables or extra checkers for your very own Geoffrey Parker backgammon.

At Geoffrey Parker we build our boards based on the checker size, this is designed to ensure there is the perfect balance between board and checker during the game. If you’re unsure what checker size you require please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If your board isn’t from us that doesn’t matter, we’ll try and help you match the right checker to your specific board measurements.

Designing your custom checkers is a great place to start at Geoffrey Parker, whether you’re looking for your logo to be embossed on each one or just to match the perfect colour to your board we’re always here to help. Handmade to order our bespoke checkers come in full leather and leather and metal either in silver gilt, or gold gilt.

Please, select the size, style and colours of your custom checkers from the below menu.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
Custom Backgammon Stones

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re famous for our backgammon, and our custom backgammon stones are no different. Whether you’ve lost a stone or you’re looking to replace your existing stones we’re able to help.

Handmade to order using our specialist Dauphinauphin calf leather; choose from our wide range of colours to match your style.

Custom Backgammon Stones

Handmade to order, these custom backgammon stones & checkers utilise the art of fine edging at the join of the leather. A set of these stones/checkers can take time to create; as with our boards, these are handmade to order and shouldn’t be rushed.

Choose between our full leather stones or our leather and metal stones; this is usually down to player preference. Both have been designed for professional play; the stones feel slightly weighted in the hand yet glide across the board for the speed of play.


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