Croquet Set


What could be more English than the sound of the Croquet mallet striking its ball? If one could smell the recently cut lawns and hear the chink of the Pimm’s® glass or the genteel chatter while scones and afternoon tea is taken whilst watching the game unfold; one could be nowhere better than in an English country garden when the sun is shining!

A four-player Hurlingham Club quality Croquet set with brass banded traditional wooden mallets, cast iron hoops, competition balls, clips, corner flags and a winning post all housed in a hand-woven English willow basket with English Bridle hide straps; offers all you need for an afternoon game of Croquet.

Estimated Delivery Date 6th December 2021 - 15th December 2021

Who better to supply a luxury croquet set than Geoffrey Parker; home of luxury games?

Geoffrey Parker Croquet Set

Impress family, friends and guests with your garden games; perfect for playing on the lawn of your country home, boutique hotel or B&B or at a luxurious wedding.

Summers will never be the same again when you have a beautiful croquet set to play on a sunny summers day. Made with the finest brass banded traditional wooden mallets and cast iron hoops.

These beautiful baskets feature English Bridle hide straps; we can add additional luggage tags which are perfect for blind embossing with names or logos.

As with all of our products, these are handmade to order, therefore our delivery times do vary. Upon ordering we’ll confirm how long we expect your order to take to arrive. Our team of mastercraftsmen also create other garden games like Boule or Skittles to add to your assortment of garden games.

Order Online or In Person

Please feel free to order online or contact our team to place an order. Once your order is placed our expert weavers will begin making your croquet basket. At this time we will also confirm your estimated delivery date; please note we’re currently working to an estimated 4 month lead time. If you prefer please submit an enquiry and we’ll also get back to you as soon as possible.


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