Country Coffee Games Table


The perfect coffee table for a country home. Designed to fit within any living room, this stunning coffee table makes spending time with the family, away from technology that much more luxurious.

Choose any wood finish; our images feature cluster oak but this can be changed for walnut, traditional oak or something entirely different.

Please ask our team for the style you’d like.

Country Coffee Games Table


Pay a 50% deposit per item

Traditional, yet modern; our country coffee table is the perfect design for those who prefer to keep their luxury concealed but available with the flip of a lid.

Increasingly we’ve found customers turning their games rooms into a massage room or a second living room. Yet many of our customers miss their games tables and commission designs to subtly fit with this space.

Sit around with family and friends playing games including Monopoly, trivial pursuit, backgammon, chess and Cluedo.

Our images feature this table in cluster oak; however, it is also available in other wood finishes, so please do ask.


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