Luxury Games At Geoffrey Parker Games

At Geoffrey Parker Games almost everything we make is customisable; they are handmade to order in our English workshops.

At Geoffrey Parker we’re world famous for our luxury backgammon, handmade with over 28,500 possible colour combinations. Whether you’re a professional player or you just love the look of the game our boards are designed for those who love the quality.

Alongside our luxury backgammon we created the worlds most luxurious poker and monopoly sets; handmade to include diamonds, rubies and platinum.

  • Alligator Poker Sets

    £18,550.00£5,000,000.00 GBP

    Taking poker to the highest echelon of luxury; these exceptional sets are custom built to order in Alligator leather. Incorporating exotic materials from Alligator, Diamonds, Rubies & white gold to platinum. These luxury leather poker sets are the envy of players, embellished to your taste, from subtle matte alligator to £4.9 million pounds worth of precious metals; any design is possible… As featured on Channel 4’s World’s Most Expensive Presents.

  • Bespoke Furniture

    Assisting Interior Designers and their suppliers is a regular occurrence…

    So we find ourselves making all sorts of items away from our core game production.

    As we cross such a skill base in our mainstream production, we can often employ these in other areas, like this pink mock-crock sofa for Fendi of all things, or for specialist leather inlay work on desks and the like.

    Lining drawers for cutlery and other items, can all be undertaken by our master craftsmen.

    Please contact our Special Commissions department with your project; we’d be pleased to investigate your requirements, they can be reached at

  • Blackjack set

    £3,025.00 GBP

    A luxury attaché case with all one needs for an evening of Blackjack. 600 casino quality 100% clay poker chips, 4 decks of casino plastic coated poker size playing cards, metal and leather inlaid Dealer and Blind buttons and a specially printed casino gaming Blackjack layout cloth stowed within the lid of this handsome hand-bound Dauphin leather attaché case. Suede lined throughout, this set offers both Poker and Blackjack games in one.

  • Challenge Backgammon Set

    £4,800.00 GBP

    Looking to gift a Geoffrey Parker Challenge Size Backgammon Set?

    We don’t often have backgammons in stock as we love creating our sets bespoke for each of our customers but this Christmas we’ve created 4 special sets to ensure you don’t miss out this year. Handmade to order this luxury slate leather and metal attache backgammon set is ready for priority delivery so for those last-minute gifts or for those who just can’t wait for a Geoffrey Parker.

    Although our stock items can’t be customised they are made to the same high-quality luxury standards Geoffrey Parker is known for. If you’d like to customise a board it will take between 8-12 weeks to be delivered but you will have a choice of over 28,500 possible colour combinations. Click here to design yours.

    We only have 1 of each item in stock so once they have been sold, we won’t be able to make another for 8-12 weeks.

    • Leather & Metal backgammon checkers
    • Uncrushable dice cups, suede-lined with trips to prevent foul play
    • 16mm ball cornered dice supplied
    • Pair of combination locks
    • Full leather hand-stitched handle
    • Full leather playing board
    • Inlaid leather points
    • Stitching on top & bottom
    • Specially tanned gaming leather
    • Handmade in England

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  • Children’s Multi Game Cube

    £1,150.00 GBP

    The ultimate luxury game cube for children; our local artist has drawn various games with Pirates, Dinosaurs, Cup Cakes & more scenes making this small child friendly cube the perfect nursery gift.

  • Compact Travel Backgammon Set

    £2,215.00£2,340.00 GBP
    The perfect attaché size backgammon for travel, when only the finest bespoke luxury backgammon will do!

    Bespoke made by hand in our English country workshops since the 1960s, our Compact Travel board is small enough to travel with but not too small to lose its playability – a professional travel backgammon if you will?

    Hand inlaid in Dauphin calf leather and available in four classes: Full Leather (full leather stones/checkers); Metal and Leather (chrome or gilt trimmed leather stones/checkers); Prestige (acrylic pearlised stones/checkers) and Club (leather points inlaid into Billiard cloth field with acrylic stones/checkers).

    For a full description & prices, please click on the above links for each class.

    Compact travel size: 25.4mm/1″ dia, stones/checkers, case closed: 325 x 228 x 60 mm (12.75″ x 9″ x 2.3″).

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  • Corporate Presentation

    A corporate presentation is important, ensuring important documents are both protected and look the part can make all the difference.

    We can design presentation boxes for any occasion – here’s one the one we created for 10 Downing Street with a very young Tony Blair.

  • Croquet Set

    £1,815.00 GBP
    What could be more English than the sound of the Croquet mallet striking its ball? If one could smell the recently cut lawns and hear the chink of the Pimm’s® glass or the genteel chatter while scones and afternoon tea is taken whilst watching the game unfold; one could be nowhere better than in an English country garden when the sun is shining!

    A four-player Hurlingham Club quality Croquet set with brass banded traditional wooden mallets, cast iron hoops, competition balls, clips, corner flags and a winning post all housed in a hand-woven English willow basket with English Bridle hide straps; offers all you need for an afternoon game of Croquet.

  • Custom Chess Set Staunton

    £1,255.00£4,500.00 GBP

    Our luxury chess plinths are as iconic as the game itself, hand-bound in leather on our signature scallop-sided plinth.  These sets are available in our specialist gaming calf leather and exotic water-snake across different sizes & styles of chessmen.

  • Custom Monopoly® – Mat

    £585.00£7,660.00 GBP

    Our custom monopoly makes for a perfect, personalised wedding gift or family favourite. Work with our designers to develop your perfect personalised monopoly; include images, favourite football teams, holiday homes and family history.

    Printed on leather and backed with suede, our printed monopoly still has a super luxurious feel but with a traditional box to fold away for when it’s not in use.

    Our Monopoly® Custom Guide

    The special Custom spreadsheet 

    MONOPOLY® © 2003 Hasbro International Inc in association with Winning Moves. Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products & 3D Licensing Ltd. Design © Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, 2007.

  • Decision Cube

    £100.00£424.00 GBP

    Great fun and the perfect gift, from serious business decisions to naughty and playful. Our luxury decision cubes make even the toughest choices a little more luxurious.

  • Distillers & Vintners

    For that extra special tipple that needs showcasing – we’re just the folk for the job!

    From single bottle presentation – see the work we made for Glenfiddich® or the special art-deco presentation for the pink martini for Stolichnaya®.

    Larger affairs include a traditional English Bridle hide suitcase and a locking leather drum presentation for Queen Victoria’s favourite whisky; Buchanan’s® twinned with a mahogany bottle coaster with inlays of Sterling silver to a collection of tasting glasses.

    Very precious collections such as The Balvenie® whiskies of William Grant look splendid in their Tantalus encased in a Geoffrey Parker made and designed presentation suitcase.

    There are many ways we can “skin a cat” for you – if super luxe is what is required, we can match the quality of your precious cargo and help showcase it to its best.

    Please contact our Special Commissions department at