Poker Chest


£4,420.00 GBP

Our luxury poker gaming chests provide more chips than our attache case versions. These cabinets contain all you need to entertain your friends all night in your games room!

A leather-bound cabinet, suede or cloth lined, with four lift-out leather trays continuing a staggering 1,840 professional casino clay Poker chips. The three bottom trays are full of chips, but the top tray also has stowage for 4 decks of plastic coated casino favourite “Bee” Poker size playing cards (upgrades to 100% plastic “Kem” casino cards are available if preferred?). Three inlaid leather and suede chrome trimmed “Blind” buttons and a matching giant Dealer button are stowed within their own compartment.


Poker Chest

Looking to store more chips than our conventional Attache case; our poker chest houses a staggering 1840 chips.

Sound in leather and lined with our luxurious suede cloth our stunning poker chest is packed full of our 100% clay professional poker chips.  You’ll also find a stunning dealer and blind buttons which are handmade and embossed by our talented team of craftsmen and women here at Geoffrey Parker.

Our stunning chest also contains 4 packs of casino favourite “Bee” poker sized playing cards. These can be upgraded to “Kem” casino cards is you’d prefer.

The box and blind button colours can be chosen from our extensive range of leathers. Although the options displayed are only in Dauphin calf leather additional exotic options are available on request.

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Aubergine, Bordeaux, Bubblegum, Cherry, Conifer, Ebony, Espresso, Magnolia, Marine, Mustard, Sky, Slate, Tangerine


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