• Hand-Embossed Luxury Trivial Pursuit®

    £2,640.00£5,386.00 GBP

    Each tile & section of this luxury Trivial Pursuit® is hand cut, embossed & inlaid by our team of craftsman to create an exceptional version of one of our favourite board games. An icon from the eighties is brought back to life but in a luxury format. Bound onto Geoffrey Parker’s classic scalloped sided gaming plinth offering safe storage for all the Question cards and pies/segments required for a session of brain teasing!

    Our Dauphin calf leathers can be embossed in gold or silver with the classic Trivial Pursuit® logos and emblems. All Dauphin colours can be used to create a stunning piece (see swatches below). A pair of leather dice cups and leather question card boxes are provided together with question card separators.

  • Luxury Printed Trivial Pursuit®

    £805.00 GBP

    We utilise the technology of today to print Trivial Pursuit® sets directly onto leather. These luxurious games make a beautiful contemporary table-top piece or retro gift.

    Printed onto a cowhide; the same leather as you will find on a boxing glove, we can make the playing board in any colour way you like. This board is then inlaid into a leather frame and placed atop a hand-bound tray which contains all of the gaming components you require. We can make the playing board in any colour way you like but one should note that it is best to have a contrast colour for the leather tray as printed leather will never 100% match tanned leather. The tray is available in black, red, midnight navy blue or chocolate brown cowhide.

    Printed Trivial Pursuit VS Inlayed Trivial Pursuit

    Our inlayed trivial pursuit is the step up from our printed board, both are handmade to order, but the final finish is slightly different, as is the leather.

    Inlayed trivial pursuit takes a craftsman a lot longer to create; each section of the board is painstakingly inlayed by hand in the correct colour leather for the section of the game.

    Trivial Pursuit® © 2003 Hasbro International Inc. Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products & 3D Licensing Ltd. All designs © Geoffrey Parker Ltd, 2007.