Backgammon Speedster

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£12.00 GBP

For when your backgammon board feels a little slow. A little goes a long way with this bottle; specially formulated to work with our gaming leather it will help to increase the speed your checkers/stones slide across the board.

Be sure to use sparingly.

Please note, Geoffrey Parker takes no responsibility for this product when applied to non-Geoffrey Parker backgammon boards which feature our Dauphin Calf Leather.

This action will let you pay a deposit of £6.00 for this product


Our backgammon speedster is formulated to work with our luxury backgammon boards which feature Dauphin calf leather. Please note, we have not tested this on any other brand of the board; it has only been designed for Geoffrey Parker backgammon sets and therefore we cannot take responsibility for any damage.

Our team are always on hand should you have any questions or require some advice; our boards are designed to be stain resistant when something is spilt on them. So wipe clean as quickly as possible to prevent damage.



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