Why Buy A Geoffrey Parker Luxury Backgammon Board?
Our bespoke Backgammon sets or custom backgammon sets are handbuilt for champions and aficionados; we are also the world backgammon championship board supplier of choice. At Geoffrey Parker, our goal is to always provide functionality and design.

Championship Backgammon Board

Geoffrey Parker supplies some of the worlds most famous backgammon championships. We’re most well known for supplying the world backgammon tournament in Monte Carlo with our luxury backgammon board. We also support the UKBGF London open and the Nordic Backgammon Championships.

Bespoke Backgammon

Our bespoke Backgammon boards encompass all that is Geoffrey Parker; our attention to detail, the skill of hand inlaying and the use of specially tanned leathers for the speed of play is second to none.
All avenues have been explored to bring you the World’s highest quality,  luxurious Backgammon. For that reason, we’re featured in the UK Open, US Open, The Nordic & The World Championships. Why settle for anything less than a Geoffrey Parker luxury Backgammon board?

Custom Backgammon Set

Handmade to order our luxury backgammons are completely customisable. Choose from our wide range of colours; locks, cases and stones before adding your initials to create a truly personal backgammon.
We handmake all of our boards which can take some time to produce. We like to belive good things come to those who wait.