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Luxury Backgammon Set

Geoffrey Parker has become synonomous with Luxury Backgammon boards. Since 1961 we’ve been hand making the worlds finest custom backgammon boards including bespoke backgammon boards for the world championships. Over the years our designs and collections have grown to help you create a board that truly represents you and your lifestyle.

Custom Backgammon Board

To start designing a custom backgammon board today we have an online tool to help. Our luxury backgammon set configurator will enable you to choose the colours and sizes you like. Once you have an idea we also offer free leather swatch samples which we’ll send out in the post so you can see the colour options in person. Finally, our team are always on hand to help whether you need advice on the size you require or the customisation options incuding intials and logos; we’re here to help.

Placing an Order

When you place an order online for a bespoke backgammon we’ll contact you to confirm your choices & personalisations. Our goal is to ensure we help you create the best backgammon set you’ve seen; once you place an order we’ll also send you leather swatches to help with your colour choices.