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Over the years our customers have asked our team to bring together our award-winning luxury games into larger furniture. From this demand, our team of craftsmen & women have created a selection of Games Tables for you to view.  
Designing your Custom Games Table
As with all Geoffrey Parker games, our luxury Games Tables are all custom-made to order. The below items showcase previous designs which our team will happily remake or these will provide inspiration for a new design of Games Table. We implore you to choose which luxury games you would like to incorporate in a table, from Backgammon to Chess, Poker to Roulette, or simply just a Bridge table. The style of the table; modern or Retro? Highly polished or matte? Four legs or just one? there are many options and choices to make on these custom games tables; our team is always happy to match the materials used to leathers or timbers in your home or add embellishments like marquetry inlays and custom embossings to your table.
How Does This Work?
There are two ways in which the purchase of one of our Games Tables can work; the first being that you love a design shown on our website and place a deposit through the product page. Our team then contact you to confirm colours and set to hand making your games table. The alternative method is by simply sending our team an email with a brief of the type of games table you have in mind, what games, style and shape you prefer and we can design a fully functional games table for you to your exact requirements.