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Luxury Games For Families

At Geoffrey Parker, we pride ourselves on our range of luxury board games and our ability to add customised elements to all our bespoke games; including a range of family favourites like custom monopoly and luxury scrabble sets over the years have been important to us.

Our journey creating luxury versions of the traditional games including custom Monopoly ® started in 2003; in this section, you can see examples of the customised versions we’ve made over the years in partnership with  Mattel®.

We know how much family time means to our customers, as life gets busier it’s harder and harder to find time to sit down and switch off from technology. With our luxury board games, it becomes far more personal, with additional features which mean something to individuals within the family making it fun for all, even if you’re the one who’s losing!

Bespoke games

Whether you’re a family who plays a board game every week, or you just love to get together on special occasions, we have an archive of games for families we’ve created over the years. A firm favourite here at Geoffrey Parker is our luxury scrabble set which is available in multiple languages.

Many of our luxury games have been built as a multi-game plinth enabling you to combine two games into the same set for those who can’t decide on their favourite.