Luxury Games For Families

At Geoffrey Parker, we pride ourselves on our range of luxury board games and our ability to add customised elements including a range of family favourites like custom monopoly and luxury scrabble sets over the years have been important to us.

Our journey creating luxury versions of the traditional games including custom Monopoly ® started in 2003; in this section, you can see examples of the customised versions we’ve made over the years in partnership with  Mattel®.

We know how much family time means to our customers, as life gets busier it’s harder and harder to find time to sit down and switch off from technology. With our luxury board games, it becomes far more personal, with additional features which mean something to individuals within the family making it fun for all, even if you’re the one who’s losing!

Family Boardgames

Whether you’re a family who plays a board game every week, or you just love to get together on special occasions, we have an archive of games for families we’ve created over the years. A firm favourite here at Geoffrey Parker is our luxury scrabble set which is available in multiple languages.

Many of our luxury games have been built as a multi-game plinth enabling you to combine two games into the same set for those who can’t decide on their favourite.

  • Luxury Scrabble®


    Bound by hand in Dauphin calf leather by our master craftsmen; the playing board is hand inlaid and embossed with the Scrabble® values in silver. Separating each playing square is a fixed chrome metal grid. This upstands just enough to keep the letters stable when spun on the integral Lasy Susan turntable which is built into the underside of the plinth.

    The Scrabble letters have also had a luxury makeover; each is painstakingly made up of a leather ‘sandwich’. This is made up of printed cowhide with traditional English Bridle hide in the centre for strength.

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    Hand-Embossed Scrabble

    Designed to be played with between two or four players, each player has a leather-bound tile rack in an alternative colour to the other players. Once placed atop our scallop sided plinth the game board can be rotated via the lazy susan when required. A felt drawstring bag hides the leather-bound letters away until required. The beautiful plinth is finished off with a non-slip suedette base.

  • Personalised Monopoly Board ® – Hand-Embossed


    Personalising your Monopoly

    Utilise the design of Monopoly® to customise this classic family game to showcase your personal life, achievements or business success. We’ve made various luxury versions of Monopoly® for retiring CEOs, customer’s birthdays, wedding gifts & many more, these sets are the ultimate personalised Monopoly®. Should you require custom tokens please ask our team who will create these for you in Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver Gilt.

    Our Personalised Monopoly board® Custom Guide

    The special Custom spreadsheet 

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  • Printed Custom Monopoly ® Sets


    Monopoly ® is one of our most customisable games, as with all of our products our luxury monopoly boards are handmade to order. Traditionalists will enjoy the classic luxury London edition, but those wanting to showcase a particular pastime or hobby will enjoy creating a custom themed edition.

    Many of our customers enjoy helping in the personalisation process, become fully involved with our design team in creating their own unique custom pieces. If you have any requests or designs, please, do not hesitate to contact our craftsmen.

    Our Monopoly® Custom Guide

    Introductory letter and prices

    The special Custom spreadsheet 

    MONOPOLY® © 2003 Hasbro International Inc. Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products & 3D Licensing Ltd. Design © Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, 2007.


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  • Custom Monopoly ® – Mat


    Our custom monopoly makes for a perfect, personalised wedding gift or family favourite. Include images, favourite football teams & family ocasions.

    Printed on leather and backed with suede, our printed monopoly still has a super luxurious feel but with a traditional box to fold away.

    Our Monopoly® Custom Guide

    The special Custom spreadsheet 

    MONOPOLY® © 2003 Hasbro International Inc Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products & 3D Licensing Ltd. Design © Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, 2007.

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  • Alligator Monopoly ® Set


    Who better to make the worlds most luxurious monopoly set than Geoffrey Parker. Utilising the beautiful skins of Alligators from the US, these Monopoly sets can be supplied in either standard UK streets or customised to showcase your life, achievements or favourite places.

    Our Monopoly® Custom Guide

    Introductory letter and prices

    Our own custom Monopoly®

    The special Custom spreadsheet 

    MONOPOLY® © 2003 Hasbro International Inc in association with Winning Moves. Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products & 3D Licensing Ltd. Design © Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, 2007.

  • Hand-Embossed Luxury Cluedo® Set


    With every leather square & tile hand-cut, our hand-inlaid Cluedo® is the ultimate luxury version of this classic murder mystery board game. Hours of intricate, patient work are employed in creating this well-recognised board of the classic detective game of Cluedo® (Clue® in the US). Every colour is a separate piece of leather cut and inlaid into position by our master craftsmen.

    All room names and starting positions are silver embossed. The playing pieces are reproductions from the 1960s playing cards in pewter with enamel bases (Miss Scarlet, Prof. Plumb, Rev. Green, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Col. Mustard). A pair of leather-bound dice cups, suede-lined are stored inside the beautiful leather scalloped-sided plinth along with the above pieces and the 6 weapons, again made of pewter. Rules and score pads are of course provided as well.


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  • Hand-Embossed Luxury Trivial Pursuit®


    Each tile & section of this luxury Trivial Pursuit® is hand cut, embossed & inlaid by our team of craftsman to create an exceptional version of one of our favourite board games. An icon from the eighties is brought back to life but in a luxury format. Bound onto Geoffrey Parker’s classic scalloped sided gaming plinth offering safe storage for all the Question cards and pies/segments required for a session of brain teasing!

    Our Dauphin calf leathers can be embossed in gold or silver with the classic Trivial Pursuit® logos and emblems. All Dauphin colours can be used to create a stunning piece (see swatches below). A pair of leather dice cups and leather question card boxes are provided together with question card separators.

  • Children’s Multi Game Cube


    The ultimate luxury game cube for children; our local artist has drawn various games with Pirates, Dinosaurs, Cup Cakes & more scenes making this small child friendly cube the perfect nursery gift.

  • Geoffrey Parker Gift Card


    We know how tough it can be to order a Geoffrey Parker as a gift and wait months for delivery. We know from our customer reviews how they are well worth the wait though so we’ve created the personalised Geoffrey Parker Gift Voucher.

    Presented in our beautiful gift box with a sample of leather swatches you’ll have everything you need to present the recipient with a gift they are happy to wait for.

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    If you’d like to gift a value and enable the recipient to ‘top it up’, please contact us and this can be arranged.