Printed Luxury Cluedo ® Set

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Utilising technology to present you with an edited luxury version of Cluedo®. Our specialist printing machine reproduces the classic Cluedo® (Clue® in the US) board onto our cowhide leather. Twinning this with a simpler leather tray and leaving our the leather dice cups and card boxes, but keeping in the essential 1960s style pewter playing pieces. Rules and score pads are of course provided as well.

Printed onto cowhide; we can make the playing board in any colour way you like but one should note that it is best to have a contrast colour for the leather tray as printed leather will never 100% match tanned leather. The tray is available in black, red, midnight navy blue or chocolate brown cowhide.

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Printed Luxury Cluedo ® Set

Cluedo® is a firm family favourite; our Geoffrey Parker printed Luxury Cluedo ® set combines modern technology with luxury.

Our specialist printing machine reproduces the classic Cluedo® board onto our cowhide leather. Playing pieces have been replicated from the 1960s style pewter playing pieces; despite the modern printing techniques, the game feels traditional.

Handmade to order with a range of colours available for both the board and contrasting base.

We advise choosing a contrasting colour for the base of your board; this is because the base dies leather and it’s often very difficult to match the colour with a printed leather.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 10 cm


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