Poker Chips & Roulette Chips

£3.00 GBP

100% clay professional casino Roulette, Poker & Blackjack chips.
Provided in rolls of 25.
Estimated Delivery Week 22nd June 2021 - 24th June 2021


Poker Chips & Roulette Chips

Choose between our professional poker chips and roulette chips.

Professional Poker Chip

Specifically chosen for their luxury quality and professional design.  Our poker chips are 10g 100% clay poker and blackjack chips.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of professional poker chip stacking together when being collected up or shuffled. With age they will allow flipping and manipulation; chips are available with the following values: white (25), red (100), blue (500), green (1000) and black (5000).

Roulette Chip

Our Roulette chips are made from 100% clay; we only provide professional casino roulette chips.  Our roulette chips are made without values and available in rolls of 25 in the following colours.

White, Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Custom chips are also available at additional cost.

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Poker, Roulette


White, Red, Blue, Green, Black


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