Personalised Monopoly board

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Choose from a wide range of colours, and white label with your company logo, yacht name or initials. Embellish your game with precious gems and metals; almost anything is possible with our custom board games at Geoffrey Parker.

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Looking for a personalised monopoly board? You’ve come to the right place; Geoffrey Parker was once commissioned by a well-known brand to produce one of the worlds most expensive luxury monopoly sets.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional set of London monopolies or you’d like a personalised monopoly board we’re here to help. Our team of talented craftsmen and women emboss your chosen street names, property names and locations into our luxury gaming leather. From here they hand inlay these into the playing field to create a truly luxurious version of the game.

Our designers can help you design or choose your playing pieces which can be cast in pewter, sterling silver or gold should you wish.

Our team can help walk you through each step of the process when it comes to a personalised monopoly.