Parlour Games Compendium

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A fun table-top gaming compendium featuring traditional parlour games from combinations of Chess and Snakes and ladders or for the older child; Chess and Backgammon, and with additional games of Draughts, Dominoes, Cribbage, Pick Up Sticks, Jacks, Happy Families and Snap to name but a few!
Dauphin calf colours for the tray and frame (playing boards are printed and can have a contrast design).
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Our Luxury Parlour Games Compendium is packed full of family fun; choose between Chess, snakes & ladders and Backgammon and chess.

Bespoke Parlour Games Compendium

Choose from our wide range of colours in our Dauphin calf leather; go the extra mile by adding initials, names and personal touches to ensure your children are truly impressed.



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