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The Worlds Finest Craftsmen & Women

At Geoffrey Parker, we’re proud to say we have some of the worlds finest craftsmen and women. For over 60 years we’ve been handmaking luxury leather goods for the worlds most prestigious brands; these may have been medal boxes for the George Cross, or our luxury board games. Since the foundation of our company, luxury has been synonymous with our brand name; our attention to detail, ability to create and design and the quality of our products is a long lost tradition of many brands.

At Geoffrey Parker we don’t ever offer sales, our staff work long and hard on our products; they train for around 5 years to reach the Geoffrey Parker standard, so we maintain that our prices are honest. They reflect the standard of work our craftsmen and women produce, they ensure we can pay our staff a fair and reasonable salary and our company continues to run.

Why does it take 5 years to train?

We work with precise measurements despite working with natural materials; on many of our products we create invisible joins between pieces of leather and for that you must use a surgeons scalpel. This is a razor-sharp blade which slices through the leather; our staff are trained to do this at various angles to ensure the perfect cut and join every time; although it sounds simple enough, it takes years to master.

Why Do We Make Everything By Hand?

We love how traditional our business is; we make our products by hand for so many reasons but one of the most important reasons is that it enables us to include customisations for each of our customers. Since 1958 our products have been made in a very similar way; but since then, the invention of the CAD machine has enabled us to make our products even more accurate, to the millimetre, with is more accurate than ever.

Natural Materials

We work with natural materials so each item has its own character; working by hand we can analyse each piece of leather that comes into our workshops and choose the best cut. As leather is a natural material it can feature stretch marks, cuts and grazes; which can all have an impact on your finished product. Our team are trained to spot the smallest imperfections and cut the leather accordingly.

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