Our customers are of course the lifeblood of our Company which all started with a famous customer Richard Dunhill back in 1961. This set us on the course we are still on today; producing the worlds finest games and gaming equipment.  Our customers have always demanded something special from Geoffrey Parker and today there is no exception. Our attention to detail and eye for perfection is unfaltering whether you’re royalty, a head of state or someone who loves the exquisite quality.

Below are some of the great and the good that have been kind enough to commission our services over the years and to whom we are eternally grateful.

Divided into three sections

To make the long list over the last 60 years slightly easier to digest; we’ve segmented them into 3 segments. Trade, Corporate and Individuals.

You will find especially within our Trade section; catalogues and designs made for many well-known brands, some, sadly no longer with us. Within our corporate section, special orders for VIPs, luxury hotels, and special presentations are showcased while the unusual and unique can be seen within our Private Commission section where permission allows. You will notice some have links – these are given if we have photographs or if the article differs from our normal core production.

Our client list

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