There's always lots happening at Geoffrey Parker; whether we're visiting a luxury show, supporting backgammon championships there's always news to talk about. Here we'll post the latest news, and information from the luxury industry, board games and Geoffrey Parker. If you'd like to write a guest blog please feel free to get in touch with us.
Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games Royal Visit

Geoffrey Parker Receives Visit from HRH The Princess Royal

What an honour it was to receive a visit from HRH The Princess Royal. Geoffrey Parker has been in business since 1958; our mission has always been to create the finest quality board games and we’ve had the joy of doing that for over 6 decades now. On the 23rd September 2019, HRH Princess Anne […]

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The Right Way To Do Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting can be difficult, it starts with choosing the right gift to ensure its something the receiver will want. The search for the right gift can be a big responsibility; it can often be left for a Personal Assistant, a marketing department or even the new intern to find. Unfortunately, for those who don’t personally know the recipient, it can be challenging to find something unique and truly personal.

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Enjoying The Resurgent Board Game Culture

Like so many other traditional pastimes, board games have been affected by the wave of digital technology. Indications are that the culture is currently going through a revival. The industry has seen events like the board-and-hobby focused UK Games Expo attracting 40,000 people every year – 33 times the number of attendees in 2007. Board […]

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Board Games and Your Brain: A Simple Solution to Mental Health Needs

Board games often require more than one player and are played in a group social setting. Professor Joan Fenaughty suggests in a study she conducted that board games can help develop social skills in not just children, but in adolescents and adults as well.

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Three Ways Board Games Can Benefit A Child’s Development

Three Ways Board Games Can Benefit A Child’s Development Playtime is a vital part of the puzzle that is a child’s development. At a time where technology has taken over seemingly every part of our lives, the use of traditional toys such as board games can get lost in it all. With the introduction of […]

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Billionaire Babies | Luxury Monopoly | Geoffrey Parker Games

wE’RE bEING fEATURED ON Billionaire Babies

If appearing on TV last christmas wasn’t enough for the team at our workshops we’re appearing on TV again this year in a program called Billionaire Babies! If you missed the re-run of The World’s Most Expensive Presents last year it’s on catch up as it aired again last week. This year Christmas came early […]

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UKBGF Board Designer of the Year

This month we were delighted to hear that we’ve won the UKBGF backgammon ‘board designer of the year’ award! Although this isn’t the first time we’ve won we’re always over the moon; winning an award for our designs ensures we keep doing what we do best. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those […]

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Custom monopoly | Millionaire Monopoly | Custom Monopoly

Luxury Goods, or Just Good Quality?

You’d be forgiven for struggling to tell the difference, so we decided to ask what truly makes a product luxury? Is it the diamonds, the exclusivity, the service or the quality of the product itself… At Geoffrey Parker, luxury games and products fit into all of these categories which is why we consider ourselves a […]

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Luxury Travel | Geoffrey Parker Games | Luxury Games

The Future Of Board Games

When people ask our directors what they do, many are surprised by the answer; they repeat “board games” as if they are speaking an archaic language. This surprise is often swiftly followed by interest, while the look of shock is replaced by excitement. Board games have been played for hundreds of years; some have even […]

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6 Stages of Making a Luxury Backgammon Board

  We’re often asked how long it will take for one of our backgammon boards to be delivered; a lot of the time we give a lead time of around 8-10 weeks but it can be quite tricky to predict. Lots go into your boards; including the skills of up to 4 craftsmen and women. […]

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