Luxury Travel Backgammon Set

£14,250.00 GBP

Introducing our most exciting travel backgammon set in exotic alligator leather. Handmade in England this striking, red alligator backgammon board is perfect for those who love to take a backgammon board with them on their travels. It came with adorable dice cups and weighted backgammon stones, perfect for playing with friends and family on the beach, in a private jet or just by a fire at home.

This luxury travel backgammon set comes with the following:

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Introducing our incredible travel backgammon set in our exotic, alligator leather.

Luxury Travel Backgammon Set

The striking red leather has been paired with our traditional gaming leather to create a truly unique backgammon board. The alligator has been responsibly sourced in the USA and all cities and licences will be provided to customs on purchase for export out of the UK.
The rich red colour accentuates the stunning patterns of the alligator and creates a truly unique product.

Luxury travel backgammon board Size

Checker diameter: 25.4mm /1"
Board Closed 325mm x 228mm x 60mm / 12.79" x 9.97" x 2.36"
Board Open 460mm x 330mm x 30mm18.11" x 12.99" x 0.11"