All of our luxury spirit packaging can be created as one off’s or as part of a batch. Due to their handmade nature it’s just as simple for us to create one, as it is multiple; if you’re looking for a large volume of products we can work with you on expectations and deliverability. As a general rule of thumb, all of our luxury packaging projects are custom so please, feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Our team of master-craftsmen & women are highly skilled and only use the finest materials in all of our custom commissions. As a result of this, each item is lovingly crafted to the highest of standards; this is why our client lists include Royalty, Celebrities & high profile figures. Due to our products being handmade it can mean that production times are a little longer than that of a machine, however, the finished product is far more beautiful than a machine could ever achieve.

Our Projects

Over a period of five years, Geoffrey Parker have been working alongside Balvenie to produce over 350 units of our award-winning DCS Compendiums. Our luxury whisky cases have housed over £18 million pounds worth of luxury and limited edition bottles of wiskey. All of these rare cases of whisky were pre-sold from the offset and delivered worldwide to each collector.

Another project which our team of mastercrafstmen & women have been involved in consisted of twelve whisky boxes for Glenfiddich’s Master of Spirits rare product launch.

Another commission from Glenfiddich saw our team undertake a …




We also had the pleasure of working on a similar project for Glenfiddich

Spirit Packaging, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games
Spirit Packaging, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games

The Balvenie – DCS Compendiums

The Balvenie DCS project brief came to us via their design team, the initial design showed two leather suitcases per unit; one for all five bottles of whisky and the other for the tantalus. After over half a decade of experience in luxury goods & packaging, our team raised the question of why these two cases couldn’t be incorporated into one unit? Why make two when you can make one? Why waste materials on both units when we could produce a statement piece of packaging which not only meets the brief, it re-designs and defies expectations.

Fortunately, William Grant’s design team openly received our advice & allowed us to design a prototype case. We made a number of design tweaks with our main focus being; strength, practicality and overall luxury feel fitting to the whisky inside.

Each unit would hold around 30kgs of weight, this is no small amount and all of the initial handles requested for the project to lift these cases simply snapped in half under the pressure. We suggest out full leather handles; what we make every day for our backgammon sets. These handles have no metal inside them, they are solely leather and are not only super strong but ergonomic too. These handles comfortably lifted 40kgs of test weight and there was no looking back on the handles…

The design behind the Balvenie DCS Compendium had to securely hold the precious whisky inside and also look presentable when it is unveiled. This is the new level in transit packaging as when you undo the hand-stitched leather straps and open the front, there sits the tantalus with all 5 bottles plus a hidden booklet detailing the story of your whisky.

Glenfiddich – Master of Spirits

During our collaboration with William Grant on the above Balvenie project, the rare projects team approached us with a dilema. They had commsioned 12 units of Glenfiddich Master of Spirits from an old supplier but the quality sadly wasn’t inline with the brand image of this project. In stepped Geoffrey Parker and our team of craftsmen and women to assist.

With time stacked against our design team we successfully reverse engineered the existing Glenfiddich box & redesigned this with our little extras; hidden magnets, removal of metal hinges as these break over time & removing all visible edges of the leather.

Each of the twelve Glenfiddich boxes contained a number of elements; copper embossing of the iconic Glenfiddich logo and script on the front of the case. The inley of a limited edition copper plaque to the bottom of the lid. Detailed stiching around the outer of the front with a padded recess & the creation of a booklet holder in the inside of the whisky box.

All twelve Master of Spirit units were sucessfully completed in a month and we successfully rescued the launch of these limited edition bottles.

Spirit Packaging, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games
Spirit Packaging, Geoffrey Parker | Luxury Games

Glenfiddich – 55 Year Old Collection

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Our specialist team of designers and craftsmen and women work together to ensure your luxury spirit packaging looks luxurious but is fundimentally functional. During the design process we’ll work with you to ensure you acheive the look you’re aiming for while also ensuring each unit isnt damaged during transit.

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