• Luxury Scrabble Set

    £1,135.00 GBP

    This luxury scrabble set is expertly printed on our tornado hide leather; like all of our luxury board games, this product is handmade to order and therefore can be customised or personalised. Our luxury board games are all customisable with hand embossed initials, logos and colour choice options.

    All the letters for each set are stored within the plinth so that you never lose any letters again; each luxury scrabble set comes with handmade leather letter trays so you and your friends can enjoy a game of scrabble in style.

    If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, how about our stunning, hand-inlayed and hand-embossed luxury leather scrabble set where each square is hand cut and inlaid alongside each playing piece of printed leather backed with our luxury bridle hide.

  • Custom Scrabble Board

    £1,135.00£3,100.00 GBP

    Inlayed Custom Scrabble Board

    Bound by hand in Dauphin calf leather (see swatch below) by our master craftsmen; the playing board is hand inlaid and embossed with the Scrabble® values in silver. Separating each playing square is a fixed a chrome metal grid. This upstands just enough to keep the letters stable when spun on the integral Lasy Susan turntable which is built into the underside of the plinth.

    The Scrabble letters have also had a luxury makeover; each is painstakingly made up of a leather ‘sandwich’. This is made up of printed cowhide with traditional English Bridle hide in the centre for strength.

    Printed Luxury Scrabble Board

    Printed onto a cowhide; the same leather as you will find on a boxing glove, we can make the playing board in any colour way you like. This board is then inlaid into a leather frame and placed atop a hand-bound tray which contains all of the gaming components you require.

    The tanned cowhide used for the tray itself is available in the following colours; black, red, midnight navy blue or chocolate brown. We recommend that it is best to have a contrast colour for the leather tray as printed leather will never 100% match tanned leather. The letters themselves are printed onto our cowhide which sits on top of English bridle hide tiles. The racks these letters sit atop are hand bound in leather with non-slip suedette bottoms and a felt drawstring “letter” bag completes the game, these are all stowed neatly away in the felt-lined tray under the playing board.

    SCRABBLE® Manufactured under license by Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd from Mattel Europa B.V. ® 1988, 1997. All rights reserved J.W. Spear & Sons plc. Design ® Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, 2007