Luxury Poker Set – Ebony Black

£2,850.00 GBP

Firstly, bound by hand in our luxurious Ebony black Dauphin calf leather and lined in sumptuous real suede. Our signature luxury poker set contains all you need to complete your games room. Most importantly our stunning attaché case holds 600 professional 100% clay chips weighing10g each.

Stowed in the front of the case and set into suede is a large chrome Dealer button, embossed in silver. Alongside three suede and leather metal trimmed Blind buttons, similarly embossed to colour coordinate. Additionally either side of these are two leather card pulleys housing 4 decks of professional casino quality “Bee” playing cards.

Estimated Delivery Week 15th December 2022 - 19th December 2022

Professional Poker Set Details...

  • Leather bound attaché case
  • Hand-stitched leather handle
  • Chrome hardware; handle plates & combination locks
  • Chrome base studs
  • 600 x 100% clay poker chips, 10g
  • Four decks of BEE poker cards, plastic coated
  • 44.5mm chrome & ebony silver embossed dealer button
  • Three 40mm leather & suede blind buttons (Missed, Little & Big)
  • Suede-lined chip tray & lid pad for safe stowage

Sleek, elegant & most importantly professional

Our team at Geoffrey Parker take poker seriously, we cut no corners and use only the finest materials available. As a result of collaborations with Sam Trickett we have been able to twin professional poker elements with our world-renowned leather craftsmanship. Above all, our luxury poker set is the finest available.

Order now for priority delivery

This luxury poker set is in stock and available for delivery via FedEx following purchase. Order today for priority delivery. At Geoffrey Parker, we have very few items in stock, however, each year we make a select number to ensure we have something because not everyone can wait for our luxury poker set.

Additional information

Weight11.5 kg
Dimensions40.1 × 39.3 × 8.8 cm


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