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Welcome to the Geoffrey Parker shop, here you will find examples of all of our luxury board games but remember… everything is bespoke so you may see the board game you like in green but may want it in pink. That’s not a problem, everything is made to order so we can create your board in any of our colour options, we can even source specific materials or colours on request.









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We Take Custom Orders!

As proud British manufacturers who undertake all elements of design and craft at our countryside workshops. Our team of master craftsmen & women can add further elements of customisation to each item. From custom logos & initials embossed on our backgammons, to custom cards and poker chips. Branded roulette tables & custom packaging for renowned whisky companies like The Balvenie & Glenfiddich. Anything is possible in our world of luxury games…

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“There’s nothing quite like knowing that every stitch and every cut of a product has been made by hand.”

Since 1958 Geoffrey Parker has been hand-making luxury board games to the highest of standards. Our luxury board games are often handed down through the generations, played with grandparents and grandchildren and purchased as special gifts for those we love to spend time with.
A Geoffrey Parker board game is created to last a lifetime, to be loved, played and enjoyed with friends and families over the years. 

Our team of craftsmen and women train for over 7 years to hand-make our luxury games. Our team are not only some of the finest leather craftsmen and women in the country they are quite possibly some of the finest craftsmen and women in the world. This is why some of the most luxurious brands turn to Geoffrey Parker to make their products under their brand name.

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