You’d be forgiven for struggling to tell the difference, so we decided to ask what truly makes a product luxury? Is it the diamonds, the exclusivity, the service or the quality of the product itself…

At Geoffrey Parker, luxury games and products fit into all of these categories which is why we consider ourselves a luxury brand.


Our team consists of the finest craftsmen & craftswomen who meticulously undertake each commission; their skill and talents are easy to see once an item is finished.

Each and every product is inspected for quality before it leaves our workshops; the QC process ensures our products don’t leave our workshops without our director’s keen eye checking them over. When your products carry your family name, it’s vital they are perfect, each and every time.


Due to the handmade nature, our luxury games are becoming more exclusive by the day. As our products are handmade to order, it means we can only make a finite number of products every week. We may be in the middle of summer but our team are already planning our Christmas orders, so it is always best to order early to avoid disappointment.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; each and every one of our games is customised by our customers to their exact specifications. Little touches like the choice of colours, personalised messages, embossings, family crests or embellishments including diamonds or precious metals like platinum.

There are of course other elements which can make a customer experience more luxurious & memorable. From the quality of the materials we use, to the availability of our staff at the end of the phone for support during the customisation process. Our customer service doesn’t finish the day your product is delivered; we’re always on hand to guide customers in looking after their luxury game, identifying a Geoffrey Parker product or replacing missing pieces.