Luxury Chess Boards

Geoffrey Parker is world famous for its luxury chess boards; our chess set is created as both a professional chess set and a set to be displayed in your home. Our custom chess boards are Handmade in England and adored by many of the world’s most luxury brands and chess champions alike.

We’re most famous for creating the luxury chess boards of the world-famous Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer’s 1972 World Championship battle in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since then our reputation for quality, design and chessboard quality has been unwavering.

All of our chess boards, cases and books are handmade in England; our chess sets utilise our leather inlaying skills which were handed down by our founder, Geoffrey. As with all of our games, our custom chess is customisable with colours, initials, logos and hand-embossed messages. All of our board games are available in different finishes or colour combinations so please feel free to get in touch and design your board.

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