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Luxury Chess Sets

Handmade to order, our stunning chess sets are all hand carved in exquisite detail. Our signature chess board is designed to be left on display, with either scallop sides, or straight depending on your style we also offer a wide range of colour options.

In 1961 Richard Dunhil, current Life President of the World famous luxury  Dunhill brand, asked Geoffrey to make him a chess set. This was just the beginning of Geoffrey & his team making board games.



We regularly work with interior designers & brand designers on custom chess items. From private yachts and jets to hotel games and designer apartments. Our team is familiar with specialist materials and designing products to meet unique briefs. All of our chess sets can either be edited slightly or redesigned entirely to create a truly unique product.

Pre-Designed Chess Sets

We have our signature range of chess sets including our hand-inlaid set alongside our bespoke printed chess set. As with all of our sets, it offers the opportunity to add colour photos. Chess is in our blood; it’s the first board game we produced back in the 1960s. Our traditional Staunton chess book boxes are very special to Geoffrey Parker as we produced these for the Spassky vs Fischer match known as the cold war clash.

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We are here to help! We have been specialising in luxury chess sets since 1958. Our first set was made for the famous Dunhill brand after its founder Alfred Dunhill asked Geoffrey if he could make a leather chess set for him. Whether you have a slight idea of what you’re looking for or no clue at all we’d be delighted to hear from you. Our website is full of previous designs and orders but we are always open to new designs, bespoke commissions and new colourways.

At Geoffrey Parker, our chess sets have been handmade in the same way since our very first set was made for the famous Dunhill brand. In 1958 Geoffrey made his very first chess set having been making luxury leather-bound poetry books, personal diaries and notebooks. Since that first chess set, Geoffrey Parker has continued to make luxury board games in bespoke colour combinations.

From that first Chessboard, Backgammon was the next obvious luxury game where precise inlaying was de rigueur. By the early Seventies, the Company had already established itself as No.1 in The World for luxury board games. This culminated in Chess when Geoffrey was commissioned to make the leather boxes and chessboards for the famous Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer’s 1972 World Championship battle in Reykjavik, Iceland.

For the complete family history on both Geoffrey Parker, the business and the man please don’t hesitate to read the following page which explains Geoffrey’s life prior to founding his company and his time in WW2 as a fighter pilot.