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Elevate Your Game Nights: Exploring the World of Luxury Board Games

When it comes to a board game, most of us think of colourful cardboard boxes filled with cardboard pieces. However, a growing trend in the gaming world has seen the emergence of luxury board games. These opulent, meticulously crafted games go beyond the traditional...

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Do you have a custom project, you’d like to speak with us about? Please feel free to get in...

The Final Scope Backgammon

The Final Event It's no surprise with this being the last UKBGF, Scope backgammon tournament after 10 years there was an amazing turnout. With so many amazing players it's no surprise the Master's Tournament was also full. Despite the bizarre weather and the St...

Why We Take Part In Scope

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Scope's Annual Backgammon and Bridge Tournament hosted at the RAC in London. The event takes place at at The Royal Automobile Club (RAC), one of London’s finest private members' clubs. Offering it's members and those looking to...

Geoffrey Parker On Billionaire Babies

Geoffrey Parker On Billionaire Babies

If appearing on TV last Christmas wasn't enough for the team at our workshops we're appearing on TV again this year with a custom monopoly set in a program called Billionaire Babies! If you missed the re-run of The World's Most Expensive Presents last year it's on...

Ukbgf Board Designer Of The Year

UKBGF Board Designer of the Year

This month we were delighted to hear that we've won the UKBGF backgammon 'board designer of the year' award! Although this isn't the first time we've won we're always over the moon; winning an award for our designs ensures we keep doing what we do best. We'd like to...

Luxury Goods, Or Just Good Quality?

Luxury Goods, or Just Good Quality?

You'd be forgiven for struggling to tell the difference, so we decided to ask what truly makes a product luxury? Is it the diamonds, the exclusivity, the service or the quality of the product itself... At Geoffrey Parker, luxury games and products fit into all of...

The Future Of Board Games

The Future Of Board Games

When people ask our directors what they do, many are surprised by the answer; they repeat "board games" as if they are speaking an archaic language. This surprise is often swiftly followed by interest, while the look of shock is replaced by excitement. Board games...

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