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Elevate Your Game Nights: Exploring the World of Luxury Board Games

When it comes to a board game, most of us think of colourful cardboard boxes filled with cardboard pieces. However, a growing trend in the gaming world has seen the emergence of luxury board games. These opulent, meticulously crafted games go beyond the traditional...

Custom Backgammon Boards

Custom Backgammon BoardFeaturedHow Bespoke is a Luxury Backgammon Board?Welcome to Geoffrey...

“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”

When you think of Copenhagen I imagine you think of the statue of The Little Mermaid, the Amalienborg Palace or the Tivoli Gardens. Not Backgammon. However, each year around Easter when the city empties for the holiday break, hundreds of...

Contact Geoffrey Parker

Do you have a custom project, you’d like to speak with us about? Please feel free to get in contact, we have worked on some unusual projects over our 6 decades in business so no doubt we can help or recommend someone who can. Contact Geoffrey Parker [wpforms id="6150"...

The Right Way To Do Corporate Gifting

The Right Way To Do Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting can be difficult, it starts with choosing the right gift to ensure its something the receiver will want. The search for the right gift can be a big responsibility; it can often be left for a Personal Assistant, a marketing department or even the new intern to find. Unfortunately, for those who don’t personally know the recipient, it can be challenging to find something unique and truly personal.

Enjoying The Resurgent Board Game Culture

Enjoying The Resurgent Board Game Culture

Like so many other traditional pastimes, board games have been affected by the wave of digital technology. Indications are that the culture is currently going through a revival. The industry has seen events like the board-and-hobby focused UK Games Expo attracting...

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