Luxury Backgammon Sets

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Choose from a wide range of colours, and white label with your company logo, yacht name or initials. Embellish your game with precious gems and metals; almost anything is possible with our custom board games at Geoffrey Parker.

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  • Luxury Backgammon set | luxury backgammon board | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon Set |Custom Backgammon board

    Limited Edition Mother Of Pearl Backgammon Set

    £5,375.00 GBP
  • Luxury Mother Of Pearl Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon | Custom Backgammon board

    Ltd Edition Mother Of Pearl Backgammon

    £5,375.00 GBP
  • luxury Backgammon sets | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Custom Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon Set

    Luxury Backgammon Sets

    £3,375.00£4,500.00 GBP
  • Custom Backgammon Set | Full Leather Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon | Leather Backgammon | Custom Backgammon

    Custom Backgammon Set – Full Leather

    £3,250.00£4,833.33 GBP
  • Acrylic backgammon set | luxury Backgammon set | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Custom Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon Set

    Leather & Acrylic Backgammon Set

    £2,895.83£3,666.67 GBP
  • Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Custom Backgammon Set | Luxury Backgammon Set | Custom Backgammon

    Carbon Fibre Backgammon Board

    £3,687.50£4,541.67 GBP
  • Acrylic backgammon set | Luxury Backgammon | Custom backgammon | Backgammon Board | Backgammon Set | Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games

    Billiard Cloth Backgammon

    £2,895.83£3,666.67 GBP
  • Personalised backgammon | Luxury Backgammon Board | Custom Backgammon Board | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Leather Backgammon | Bridle Hide Backgammon | Luxury Backgammon | Custom backgammon

    Personalised Backgammon Set – Bridle Hide

    £3,770.83£4,750.00 GBP
  • Travel Backgammon set | Luxury backgammon | Travel backgammon board

    Travel Backgammon Set

    £1,279.17£2,208.33 GBP
  • Water Snake Backgammon Sets

    £3,625.00£5,729.17 GBP
  • Luxury Backgammon | Custom backgammon | Backgammon Board | Backgammon Set | Geoffrey Parker Luxury Games

    Automotive Custom Backgammon Sets

    £3,687.50£4,541.67 GBP
  • Leather & Wood Backgammon

    £5,625.00£5,666.67 GBP

Start designing your Luxury Backgammon Set Today

Our custom Backgammon sets embody the very essence of Geoffrey Parker — a fusion of our unwavering passion for quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a dedication to unmatched functionality. They’re the epitome of luxury in every move and detail.

Since 1961 we have been the custom backgammon board maker of choice; our smooth super fast playing field and professional board finish have made our luxury backgammon sets the first choice for those looking for a professional backgammon board. Our forte is our leather backgammon set, and what we’re world-famous for, however, we also work with wooden inlays too.

Professional Backgammon Set

Over our 65 years of history we’ve enjoyed working with world-famous backgammon players creating Luxury backgammon sets to reflect their personalities and styles. With so many combinations of colour, stones, locks and cases we know how difficult it can be to make a decision. If you would like assistance in personalising your Geoffrey Parker, custom backgammon board and choosing colours we have a wide archive of images; so please do ask for examples.

Don’t forget we’re all about personalisation, we like to believe that almost anything is possible; from adding initials and special messages to re-configuring our luxury backgammon board attache case to suit y our requirements.  Please note all of our luxury backgammon sets are handmade to order so lead times can vary; you will find our current lead times displayed on our product page and checkout.

If you require a leather backgammon set for a special occasion, please do get in touch before ordering, occasionally we can move things around to help us deliver your item on time for the special event. Please note that Christmas is one of our busiest times of the year so please order early for guaranteed delivery.