Luxury Backgammon Board

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Luxury Backgammon Board

Our Luxury backgammon set combines the modern with the traditional. Our stunning Contemporary design backgammons showcase the twinning of leather & metal to a magnificent extent. All of our professional backgammon boards are made to competition standards, which is where they get their names from. For example, our tournament and championship boards.

Championship Leather Backgammon

Custom-made to order in a choice of five sizes and two styles. Our iconic luxury backgammon set with all the professional elements you would expect from a Geoffrey Parker.

Order Online

Please feel free to order online, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible; for all orders, we require a 50% deposit.

When you place an online order with us one of our designers will get in touch; we’ll confirm your order and confirm your estimated delivery date. We’ll also confirm which colours you’d like; you can use our backgammon configurator below to design your board and send us a screen grab. If you prefer please submit an enquiry and we’ll also get back to you as soon as possible.

In Person

Give us a call – we always welcome the opportunity to speak directly with our customers. A luxury backgammon board is a unique purchase and therefore we know it can take time to choose your colours. We are always on hand to offer advice to help you with your choices. Below you will find guides on the different sizes, we are also available on live chat Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm.


Pay a 50% deposit per item
Estimated Delivery Week 5th January 2023 - 9th January 2023

Luxury Backgammon Set

Our luxury backgammon boards in leather & metal come in a range of colour and size options. If you have any difficulty choosing which you'd prefer, please submit an enquiry and our team can help you design your personalised backgammon. We have a large archive of images which can also be used to demonstrate various options.

Professional Backgammon Board

Geoffrey Parker is a proud maker of the world's finest luxury backgammon board. We currently support multiple competitions around the world making professional backgammon boards for; The London Open, The Nordic Open and The Backgammon World Championships played in Monte Carlo and organised by the USBGF. Please be aware, due to the handmade nature of the product, our personalised backgammon waiting list can become longer due to seasonal demands.


This is a briefcase-style board which closes after play with a strong, full leather handle which is hand-stitched by our master craftsmen and women. The base and top of the case are also full leather, unlike the table top which is suede.

Table Top

Our luxury backgammon board Attaché case is our traditional board. It features locks and a handle for easy transportation between locations like competitions or travels. Our Table Top Backgammon originates from a great demand for table-top backgammon boards. Calls for this style of the board came from the many gaming clubs and casinos we have supplied over the past 45 years. This was of course, alongside aficionados.  These folding tabletop boards don't compromise on any aspect of quality; they equally measure up to their attaché case counterparts. They are just missing the handles, and locks and their underside is protected by a non-slip suedette.

A personalised luxury Backgammon board

Choose from a wide range of sizes and over 28500 colour combinations before adding personal touches like initials, family crests and logos. All of our luxury backgammons are personalised backgammon sets. In fact, pretty much all of our products are customisable so please get in touch if you'd like to customise your product in some way. If you would like a physical colour sample of our leather, please contact our team for a physical leather swatch.

Professional Backgammon Board

This backgammon board is the board we have, for many years supplied to tournaments including the Texas backgammon championships, The world backgammon Championships The UK open and the Nordic open to name a few.

Additional information

Case Type

Attaché Case, Table Top

23 reviews for Luxury Backgammon Board

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  1. Paul

    I have to say this is one of the most beautiful board’s I’ve ever purchased. The customer service was amazing and the board itself is even better than i could have ever imagined.

  2. Steve

    I absolutely love my new board.Although the colour combination was exactly as expected,the playability is even more important and it plays like a dream! Great service all round.

  3. Neil

    Morning Elliot,

    I finally got round to playing on the board last night and wanted to thank you (and everyone else involved in making it) for producing such a first-class piece of work.

    It’s a truly beautiful piece which I will treasure for many years to come!!

    Many thanks,

  4. J.P., Norway

    FANTASTIC!!!!! She was VERRY Happy… It just arrived today… Again, THANKS for everything Elliot. Thanks for making my wife’s 50th birthday ever………!

  5. D.S., UK

    The service has been phenomenal; we hugely enjoyed the tour we were given and were fascinated by how the boards were created. Delivery was quick and efficient – Elliot confirmed delivery in the afternoon and the board arrived at 8 am the next day. And the board is beautiful…!

  6. J.D., London

    This beautifully crafted backgammon board has been a treasured possession for nearly 40 years. It has been much used and hugely appreciated by both young and old, and no doubt will continue to do so for many years to come.

  7. B.N., Los Angeles

    I just want you all to know that I love my board and think it’s magnificent. Thank you.

  8. M.M. (UK)

    Having become increasingly interested in backgammon over the last few years I decided to treat myself to a bespoke backgammon board of the highest quality it was natural to speak to Geoffrey Parker and Co. I’d seen their boards at some tournaments and was impressed. I decided to go to their workshop to see for myself what products were used and how the boards are made. I had a terrific day, met Max and Elliot Parker and many of the team. It was clear that the attention to detail and standard of workmanship were of the highest order.

    Choosing colours, materials, designs for the outer board, playing surface, points, checkers, checker inlay and even what to place on my (quirky) two doubling cubes (one with Crawford/Post Crawford) was quite a task. The suggestions, guidance and patience shown by the GP team were fantastic.

    As one prone to change my mind (not just whilst playing!) I’m afraid I very frequently wanted to change my choices on nearly all of the above! The communications with Max and his team were superb. Nothing was too much, unusual requests met with enthusiasm and all accommodated without issue.

    The result was the delivery of a board which I am truly thrilled with. It will last a lifetime. The finish is fantastic. Some of my choices might not be to everybody’s taste – but that’s the beauty of having a quality product made in a bespoke fashion – you get what you actually want. Mindful of the phrase “all the gear and no idea” I rather doubt that the beauty of the board will do much to improve my prospects of winning! Now that’s a request I forgot to make.

    I shall smile every time I open this board. It isn’t cheap, but top workmanship and quality materials seldom are. I can only thank the whole team of talented people at Geoffrey Parker for creating a unique backgammon board I am delighted with. I really enjoyed the whole process from the initial visit to the workshop, through the design to taking delivery. A great job undertaken by a very fine company. Many thanks.

  9. Eric McAlpine, UKBGF founding member

    I really appreciate the guided tour and insight into the history of Geoffrey Parker Games. Your heritage and traditional values in a modern fast world is a pleasure to see. A very big thank you, to you and your staff for producing a stunning Backgammon board. Eric McAlpine, UKBGF founding member; Quarter Finalist Nordic Open 2014; Runner-Up Consolation World Championship 2014.

  10. M.K. (Germany)

    In June 2012 I picked my 220,000 EURO Mercedes Benz SLS from the dealers’ shop. That was nothing. Today, you have made someone out there very very glad. Thank you! Really well done. Now there is only one problem left … to be a better player. ?

  11. A.L.

    I would like to first thank you for the beautiful backgammon board. The craftsmanship is absolutely exquisite. I have also referred you to one of my customers who will contact you shortly if he has not done so already.

  12. R.Z. (USA)

    Hi, Mr Max, I got the set, and I love it. Thank you.

  13. R.E-J. (London)

    re-refurbishment of Backgammons for a London gentleman’s club

    We played on your refurbished boards last night and I just wanted to tell you that they are transformed and a pleasure to play on, so many thanks indeed for a professional job. I am sure our members and guests will have many years of pleasurable use from them and they are a credit to the craftsmanship of your workshop!

  14. N.A. (Sydney, Australia)

    Seldom am I left without anything to say. I have nothing to say. It is just perfect. I love it so much. It is an heirloom. I have never owned anything I wanted to give me grandkids…I didn’t even want grandkids…..Now I do, so I can hand them over the board and say – this was mine for a while, now it is yours, and when you are done, pass it along. Thank you, Max, I am so overwhelmed.

  15. G.H. (UK)

    our sets I have bought have gone far and wide – and have been greatly admired. I hung onto the large set which we enjoy a great deal.

  16. Z.R. (California)

    I wanted to thank you for the incredible backgammon board that you created for me. It’s one-of-a-kind and I have enjoyed numerous games already. I look forward to many years of enjoyment and will surely be impressed by its beauty and craftsmanship each and every time. Thank you again for your time and effort, it surpassed my expectations.

  17. Z.R. (California)

    It looks fantastic! Thank you very much for all your hard work with the board. I look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment with it!

  18. M.Z. (London)

    Just received the set. It’s gorgeous. Thank you.

  19. F.F. (China)

    It was a very frustrating experience having received the perfectly wrapped backgammon set made for me as requested by Nick Foulkes upon my arrival at the Berkeley hotel a few weeks ago, as I decided not to unwrap the box until I got back to my home in Beijing. Having just returned, finally, the very first thing I did is open the package to find this wonderfully beautiful backgammon set. I hereby would like to thank you very much and congratulate you on the excellent and fine craftsmanship that your brand stands for. I will no doubt treasure this set for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I might be in touch with you again at a later date, as I am very tempted to order a backgammon table for my new house, as seen on your website. Maybe I can visit you with nick on my next trip to London? In the meantime, thank you again and if you start having lots of new Chinese clients you will know how they got to know about you :).

  20. A.D.

    Thanks, we have received the board – it is fantastic we are v happy with it!

  21. E.B (Uk)

    I couldn’t be happier with my board, Elliot did an amazing job talking me through all the various options after I purchased online. His guidance on choosing colours was invaluable and it was just a wonderful experience from start to finish.

  22. E.M.D (USA)

    Hi Elliot,

    Just wanted to reach out and tell you that the set is absolutely amazing!
    Thank you for taking the time to customize it to my exact specifications. Much appreciated!

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s just a fantastic board of superior quality!

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Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 51mm
Board Closed: 650mm x 410mm x 85mm
Board Open: 83omm x 65omm x 48mm.

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 44.5mm
Board Closed: 605mm x 375mm x 85mm
Board Open: 760mm x 61omm x 48mm

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 38mm
Board Closed: 517mm x 335mm x 85mm
Board Open: 680mm x 520mm x 48mm

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 32mm
Board Closed: 415 x 297 x 85mm
Board Open: 610mm x 420mm x 48mm

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 25.4mm
Board Closed: 325mm x 228mm x 60mm
Board Open: 460mm x 330mm x 30mm


Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 2″
Board Closed: 25.59″ x 16.14″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 32.67″ x 25.59″ x 3.34″

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.75″
Board Closed: 23.81″ x 14.76″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 29.92″ x 24.01″ x 1.88″

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.49″
Board Closed: 20.35″ x 13.19″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 26.7″ x 20.47″ x 1.88″

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.26″
Board Closed: 16.33″ x 11.69″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 24.01″ x 16.53″ x 1.88″

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 1
Board Closed: 12.79″ x 8.97″ x 2.36″
Board Open: 18.11″ x 12.99″ x 0.11″


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