Gold & Silver Card Sets

£550.00 GBP

A fantastic gift for the person who has everything; our gold & silver bridge sized playing cards presented in true luxury style.

Our cases can be covered with either alligator or watersnake to give your card set the ultimate luxury feel.

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Estimated Delivery Week 5th January 2023 - 9th January 2023

Luxury Playing Cards

Geoffrey Parker's playing cards don't get much more luxurious; our Luxury playing cards come in either Gold or Silver and are housed in one of our luxury leather boxes.

A perfect gift for those who have everything, or those who love cards. Add initials, a hand embossed message, initials or even a logo to give it a truly personal touch.

Geoffrey Parker Ethics Policy


At Geoffrey Parker, we are mindful that all our materials are ethically sourced. Using exotic skins such as Alligator comes with a great responsibility. We always ensure that all skins are obtained in accordance to the official guidelines and breeding programs, thus ensuring harvesting is not detrimental to the species.

These captive breeding programs which are governed by CITES regulations have seen a huge growth in Alligator populations since the 1970's when they were almost extinct. There are now over 200 Alligator farms in the US operating within this controlled edict.

It's important to note that if Alligators are allowed to overpopulate, due to their territorial habits, biologists & conservations warn they will often turn to cannibalism. In addition to the harvesting of skins, Alligator meat is now also consumed.

All of our skins are tagged with CITES documents which note that they are ethically sourced.


As for Shagreen (or Stingray), this is fished in the Far East and is more plentiful than Salmon & Cod.  Within this region, it has been a predominant source of food for human consumption for over 2,000 years. The skins, like cow hides, are a by-product of this industry which in deemed NON-CITES.

Additional information

Leather Colour

Alligator Contact Us For Options, Watersnake Contact Us For Options, Dauphin Aubergine, Dauphin Bordeaux, Dauphin Bubblegum, Dauphin Cherry, Dauphin Conifer, Dauphin Ebony, Dauphin Espresso, Dauphin Magnolia, Dauphin Marine, Dauphin Mustard, Dauphin Sky, Dauphin Slate, Dauphin Tangerine


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